I just want to express my frustration with the intersection of Ridge, Kelly, and Lincoln. First problem is the bus station located right there on Ridge. The buses are huge and block traffic because they can’t turn in two lanes and they move over onto oncoming traffic. This causes them to sit in one spot because they can’t turn, thus backing up traffic. The next problem is people who turn into traffic both ways. I don’t know where this rule comes from but people feel it’s their right to turn into traffic immediately when entering from a side street. Also people try to make left hand turns across two lanes when there are green lights and this also stops flow of traffic. Then you have two roads (main and ridge, 4 lanes) flowing together into two lanes and people drive on the other side of the road, run red lights, anything to get ahead by an car length. Plus when Main St gets backed up it makes me want to puke because I know only 3 cars get through a light at a time.

Then the nightmare continues when I get to Spring Garden because the traffic lights aren’t working properly and people don’t like breaking the law. Spring Garden is would be the main street and there is a red light and the side street would have a green light. The light could stay like that for 2 minutes and the person wouldn’t go through sensing there might be something wrong with the light. This causes back ups because people see red and don’t want to drive through and then the honking begins and people start flipping out and accidents are more likely to occur. Complete nuisance.

I forgot to add this one to the post yesterday. Ck4, when you drove home yesterday and you saw that the wind blew over the recycling bin and plastic water bottles were in the yard, do you feel no responsibility whatsoever to pick them up? The mentality of “I didn’t do it so I’m not going to do anything” is something that as I’ve gotten older irks me a bit. I know you didn’t do it but you see OUR trash in OUR yard and I know you aren’t too busy to take one minute to clean it up. I know him pretty well too and at this point he probably reads this and his mind immediately thinks of excuses for why he couldn’t, which I think is human nature. I also just call people out not because I care so much about the situation but just because it’s things I notice and think people who read my blog come across various situations like this everyday and relate. Without everyday events, where would material come from? I just want people who I call out to know that it’s not personal and I wouldn’t write about it if I felt strongly about it.