Not here to brag…but here to brag.

Finished in 19th place last night out of 2941 for a cash of $150, $12 entry. The guy in 1st had TJ which only .82% of lineups picked. It’s 2 cashes in a row using players that I’m barely aware of. I will note though that after a month or two using Labs for basketball, I’m getting better with players that get recommended more often. I also enjoy watching the games and it’s a fun sweat when you’re in the money. Like Happy Gilmore as a hockey player, this money will be used for more fantasy golf tournaments.



No one cares about bowling but I’ll entertain myself. My new ball has been red hot the last 3 series rolling 706, 608, 658. The high games respectively were 290, 233, and 246. I’d say I was most proud of last night closing off about 25 straight frames with at least 4 ten pin hits. The only open of the night was some trash ball that I just didn’t have focus on that left me with an odd 3 pin leave. I’ve been putting in the work so it’s nice to see some results finally.

I cashed in 5th place out of 86 in a playoff football pool for $80 profit. Nothing major but still ahead of the crowd. Should’ve picked more Eagles which is kind of a travesty being from Philly.

Got to take advantage when you’re running hot.