I flew to Vegas on Tuesday and while I headed to the baggage claim, I turned my head to the right and saw Ron Jaworski coming out of the bathroom. My jaw dropped.

I was like, “are you Jaws?”
“I got a hole in one on Riverwinds and you signed a football.”
“Congratulations. I’ve never had one, what hole was it?”
“15. I also play Dowington, Ramblewood…how are your courses doing”
“Ramblewood is great with the 27 holes and the renovations. Riverwinds is doing well too.
“Are golf courses good investments?
“They produce beer money.”

A few other sentences were spoken but I didn’t want to seem like an over eager fan even though I wanted to be like, “Ron. Ron. Ron. Take a selfie with me.” I did mange to take a picture of him though.

After the Jaws encounter, I checked into the Luxor and roamed around the city a little bit. I’ve seen Vegas before and enjoyed the atmosphere around me. It’s nothing special to me unfortunately. I hit the sack at around 10:30 and woke up the next morning at 6 am to see the sunrise.

I went for a run for about 2.5 miles in the opposite direction of the Strip. I’ve run the Strip before and it’s annoying because you can’t cross the streets and have to run the pedestrian stairs. The other way down Las Vegas Blvd is not that scenic. I’ll also add I tried to go to the Luxor gym at 6am and it was packed. The gym is nowhere near big enough to handle the 5,000 hotel rooms they have there. I ate breakfast after and was feeling pretty good. I did the show which I won’t bore you with.

At around 8 I decided to head over to the Bellagio to play some poker and ran into Scott Seiver, Patrick Antonius and Gus Hansen in Bobby’s Room. I didn’t say anything but it was cool to see them there. Gus is a lot shorter in person. The players at the 1-3 game are more intelligent than the games at Sugarhouse. More 3 betting. Not as much limped flops. More attacking weakness. Better players but better players have holes too like calling too many hands and making hero calls. I ended up losing $75 with not too many of hands of interest.

The next morning was a meeting for a group I’m associated with and I did the trade show for the 2nd day. After the show ended I had an 11pm flight back to Philly. I had a few hours to kill and played a few shoes of blackjack where I won $20 bucks. A guy split 9’s against, and I want to say 7 here (the only non-split card on the chart from 2-9) but it could have been 8 and got 2 10’s. I was off an 11 so I wasn’t real pleased. I doubled to a 14 and lost the hand which also killed all the momentum. At the time I thought it was an idiotic move to break 18 against a 7 or 8, but after seeing the card, it obviously wasn’t. Either way, I went on to lose the next few hands and walked away.  I was playing by myself at a 25 min before that guy jumped in mid-shoe and killed my vibe.

I played some poker at the Luxor which I wouldn’t recommend and lost $200 on some suspect plays. I did manage to win about $150 sports betting so it all evens out (even though my net for the trip was negative). I even managed to save $33 because Draftkings rejected my lineup because I had Sam put it in from another state and they asked how I could be in 2 places at 1 time which violates their policy. DK is banned in Nevada. The reason I saved my money is because Stenson withdrew which would have been a sure fire loss. I picked one player out of 76 which seems to happen to me far more often than it should.

I’ll close with the plane ride. I lost $50 in a Jurassic Park slot machine at the airport that I was certain I was destined to win on with my bowling nickname being T-Rex. Degenerate shit right there rooting for Alan, Ellie, and Nedry to escape a Velociraptor. I got on the plane at 11pm and was trying to go to sleep but it wasn’t happening. I had to rip a fart the entire ride and it was ruining my time until eventually I just made the two people next to me get up so I could unleash one. My flight was ruined by people coughing. I swear to god they should put people who want to cough the entire time on another flight. Out of the 200 people on the flight I would estimate that 20 people could have contaminated the entire flight by coughing constantly. I don’t mind sneezes, but these people were coughing like they were ill in a confined space. Not cool.

Figured Rob would like this autographed TB12.