I figured I’d squeeze one more post in before Viva Las Vegas.

Last night we bowled Strike You and managed a 3-1 record. This was mostly due to the sharp-shooting of Sam who finished with a 650 series (230+ & 260+) and could have gone higher if he didn’t “tard” out the last game. Weens also managed a bizarre 234 in the final game which allowed us to cling to a winning record. Without these nice performances, we would have been toast. Since it’s my blog, I’m going to write about me who was the main reason we were nearly toast.

I barely cleared a 500 series and this is coming off 3 straight 600 series prior weeks. It’s one thing to be 550, but low 500’s is not where I’m at. Sam, Rob, and I rolled 8 games on Saturday and I averaged 207 on the exact lane that one of the ones was last night. I didn’t have a problem on 15, but 16 had my head spinning.

In all my games at South Bowl, the philosophy is move right as the lanes start to break down. 16 last night was the opposite as I couldn’t hit the right side of the lane as hard as I tried. Now after I finished and gave it some thought, I should have tried one time to move further right and keep the ball really right. It boggles my mind why I didn’t try this with one of my throws. Either way, last night I had about 9 or 10 open frames on both lanes. Last week I had 1. Last practice I had about the same through 8 games. I felt perfectly fine but I couldn’t pick up the┬áspare pins. I’ve considered it being the competition but I have to say that wasn’t on my mind last night.

I didn’t break down mentally aside from the frustration I felt from not knocking over more pins. It’s like I knew it would turn around but it never did. I couldn’t string 2 strikes together. At one point in the 2nd game I had thrown 5 strikes on the left lane and 0 on the right. When you can’t string strikes together, you can’t score.

It’s actually a miracle that our team managed a 3-1 night with my poor performance and a blind player but each game came down to me vs their final bowler and we had some extraordinary luck. We would have lost the first game but their guy threw a split after I striked. Then in the 2nd game I managed a spare, strike and he didn’t turkey. The final game had us both go back to back and they couldn’t catch us on the total pins. Wild action.

This is mainly a recap of last night than saying I’m a mental midget but it helps to write it out.