Yesterday I had a chance to talk to a bright man whose done a whole lot in his lifetime. He is a smart, frugal, rich Jew who is debt free and owns many buildings around the Philadelphia area. He is in his upper 70’s and is battling cancer but stopped in to talk to my dad because he is our next door neighbor and my dad wanted to talk to him about our property. I’m not going to go into every part of the conversation but at one point he was telling us what he wanted out of life. One of my better qualities are my listening skills and I always feel like older people have more to talk about because they have more experience so whenever I get the opportunity, I like to ask them these general life questions because they can give good insight on a perspective of life that you cannot achieve at a young age. So he tells me that he wanted a few things throughout his lifetime; clothes on his back, shelter over his head, a job to provide a means of living, and a car to travel around… that’s it. He used this quote “people think life is like a basketball game where it’s important to get the highest score.” I just took it that people are always looking to improve on what they have that they don’t appreciate how good they have it. Or if they do find success, they do whatever it takes to live above their means to prove how good they are. He also complains about everything and everyone. The Gov’t giving everybody health care, $1700 dollars to stay in a hospital for a night, the Casino’s ruining our society because people are too dumb to not gamble. And when I asked him where he’d put the US on a world scale, he said it’s better than 99% of the other places out there. I guess what I thought was interesting about the whole thing was that even at 78, millions in the bank, he was still running around working deals, hustling the best he could for no other reason other than to feel alive.

I wanted to harp on one thing that I mentioned in the above paragraph and it relates to listening vs talking. Some people are good at talking, others better at listening but an extreme case of either is usually bad. A mix of being able to talk to other people and having the ability to listen and reply intelligently is ideal. It’s pretty easy to pinpoint people early in the convo. If the first they are is “I did this” or “I went there” most likely they are of the speaking breed. People who ask questions like “what did you do” or “when did that happen” are asking you to talk to them because they are going to listen. There’s nothing wrong with either side but I like to point out qualities I see in people. And just cause you read this post don’t start asking me questions because you want me to think you are good at listening. I personally don’t like talking a lot. If I sat down with a therapist I feel like I could tell my tale in 5 minutes and I’d run out of things to say.

Final part of the blog will be devoted to the BlackBerry Storm. I got this one girl’s number last Thursday night and I texted the number something and got no answer. So today I was looking through my phone and noticed that the number only had 9 digits. Once again let’s chalk up the Storm to being the worst # catcher ever. Yes obviously I’m drunk when I’m inputting the number but this isn’t the first time it’s happened (it’s the second). So I was deciding if I just got the last number wrong that I would text 10 different combination’s of just altering the last number and see if that got it. It’s an obvious long shot and the chance that I missed the last number is just as good as missing the 5th number. Blah blah blah another opportunity down the drain. And did anyone see Kesha on TMZ in a black bikini, jesus she is so goddamn ugly.