I’ve been feeling kind of lousy lately and the blog is in the backseat. I don’t really have much going on either which doesn’t help in new topics. Ck4 said no one cares about fantasy football so I’ll omit that from future entries. I can’t tell if anyone likes when I write about things I watch on TV. The sports tales seem boring. I sort of feel like no one really cares about anything. I understand why most people don’t have blogs. It’s basically because they have nothing of any interest that people would like to read about. I’m approaching my 400th post and my readership is a 1 or 2 hundred people a month. This isn’t bragging either it’s just this hasn’t become a nationwide phenomena. I get nothing out of it and people get free entertainment that they like to complain about why what I’m doing isn’t good. I just have reached the why bother point which comes from time to time. It’s usually just a phase and I know it passes. I do have to expect this though with a blog that isn’t oriented to anything in particular but to my life. People who visit have to specifically know me or else it’s just randomness. Unless it’s celebrities or porn, it’s difficult to create a site people care about. No real point to this post other than posting what I’m feeling.

In Role Models Sean William Scott says Michael Ian-Plantz looks like Marvin Hamlisch and the reply is “Who the fuck is Marvin Hamlisch?” — “He wrote the music for The Sting” — “Good movie.” So I decided to watch the Sting with Robert Redford and Paul Newman. I was pretty impressed with a film from the 70’s. It was entertaining throughout and even with the ancient wipes it held my interest. I’d recommend it over most movies out there today. The plot is better than most and at times it seems slow but I liked it. I think Paul Newman is a badass by the way. I also don’t know why the females are so ugly 40 years ago. Honestly just all girls in the movie were dogs.