Wawa was named America’s favorite convenience store as shown by the graph below. I’ve wrote many entries on Wawa being the best and it’s nice to get confirmation that my opinion of the best convenience store is also shared by others.


hero_store_1080x340Aside from the time CK4 got a turkey hoagie with no turkey, I rarely run into problems.  I’m actually not a huge fan of the Wawa menu.  I get the turkey club almost every time (which I do enjoy) and also the meatball sub but I’m pretty sure the hoagies are average and I wouldn’t chance a cheese steak.  I like the Sizzli’s and the coffee is great because you control the sugar and milk.

wawaThe #1 selling point about Wawa the consistency of every store devoted to high quality ( ie. the store in PA is the same as the store in VA).  Also, the employees all seem happy which means they are treated well.  The stores are always clean and PNC ATM’s happen to be my bank.  Wawa sets the bar for convenience store.  Top comments from Reddit.

#1 comment – Suck it Sheetz
#2 comment – My card accidentally got double charged one night at a Wawa. I went home and emailed customer service, expecting a return email within 24-48 hours. Within 10 minutes a representative called me to apologize, had the second charge reversed, and sent me a $10 gift card.
TL;DR Wawa is the best.

Service attendant at Wawa: