I live on a block of row houses. I found this invitation slid under my door yesterday.


Prying replies to the questions from an uncooperative Viet Cong suspect, First Air Cavalrymen and a Vietnamese interpreter attached to the American unit lay a towel over the suspect’s face and then pour water on it.

My street probably has about 20 houses lined up and down. I expect this was slid under every door as a way to “get to know” the neighborhood. I saw the home owner securing his postal numbers to his house and as I walked by he was introducing himself to his next door neighbor and shouting to his wife to “come meet the neighbor.”

I’m well aware this is done with the best intentions but there is exactly a 0% chance that I attend this for the following reasons:

What I'll end up doing on Friday night.

What I’ll end up doing on Friday night.

1. This isn’t a fun person’s block. These are people who have lived there for 20 years who I have exactly 0 in common with.
2. Sitting in a room with 15 people from my neighborhood couldn’t be more awkward. “So, how do you like your house.” “So, where do you work.” “So, uhhhhhhhh.” Snooze city.
3. This invitation gives no indication of a fun time.  If they added, “there will be a keg”, now you have my attention.  The invitation gives the impression that it’s going to suck.

Am I off base here?  Would you go to this?