Are you a fan of Wawa?  Read this article and become one.  In it contains 11 reasons why Wawa is popular.   The reasons are their tasty hoagies, fresh food, free Atm’s, touch screen ordering, service, convenience, house brand items, breakfast, 24/7 hours, the place to be, and uniqueness.   As a frequent Wawa customer, I have developed a few of my own particular reasons I love Wawa.



Wawa-CoffeeHow to miss this one on the list is frightful.  Wawa coffee could be the most highly anticipated reason I go to Wawa out of everything.  It’s almost always piping hot and you get to put in your own cream and sugar.  This last point is so key that there is nothing worse than having my coffee not exactly the way I want it.  Maybe I want 2 truck-loads of sugar and half milk in there, I can.  There are a wide variety of flavors as well which I don’t partake but is certainly a bonus.  Plus it’s so damn good and reasonably priced.  The person who wrote the article should be fired for missing this one.



ConsistencyI know the Wawa in Fort Washington, Pa is going to be the same in Wilmington, De.  The stores are all the same and the consistency of quality is unmatched.  I know what I’m getting every single time and I like it.  This gives a sense of security and when I see a Wawa in any single location, I identify it with a good experience in a myriad of locations.  This is key in a chain because I don’t stick to just one, but I’ll buy from any of their 625 locations.



Wawa GasNot every Wawa has gas but the ones that do are usually fairly priced in relation to the market.  Is this true or is my bias towards Wawa making me think this?  Do a few cents a gallon even matter?  Whenever I’m out of gas, I’m actively seeking a Wawa for other reasons than just gas.  It’s my survival hub.  I don’t have physical evidence to back up low prices but here’s an article about a Wawa opening in Orlando and charging $2.99 per gallon for gas while others in the article are price gouging at $5.99.  What do you think about their prices?


Brands I Like

SAM_1369When I’m at a Wawa, I’m able to get products that I want to buy.  I like Nantucket Nectars and they have Apple, Orange Mango, and Half and Half every location.  I like Smartfood which is a staple.  When I get sick of that I go Honey BBQ Fritos.  Every store, every time.  The bottom line is that I always find something I like.  I’ve gone to CVS and 7-11’s and even if I want to buy something, I don’t.  The other stores don’t pay attention to what the consumer wants but tend to sell items with the vendors they are currently set up with.  They sell you what they want, not what you want.


You Don’t Want To Be Competing Against Wawa

7-11The final and ultimate reason why Wawa is the best.  If you are Cumberland Farms in Dresher and the Wawa just opened up in the perfect spot next to the on ramp by the turnpike, you just shit your pants.  The owner of that Cumby is the last person on Earth you want to be right now.  For the reasons listed above, for the reasons listed in the Business Insider, and for the reasons listed by BuzzFeed, you don’t want to compete against Wawa.  The only reason people don’t like Wawa is because they are scared of the first-rate convenience store that does everything perfect.  Wawa = Joy.  Most company’s don’t instill this level of excitement and satisfaction.  Wawa does.


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