I rarely read Buzzfeed but this investigating on Sandra Bland is pretty damn good.

Sandra Bland, a 28 year old black female, was arrested for an improper lane change which is bizarre in the first place.  This video shows footage of the arrest. It starts at around 8 minutes and she is being difficult the whole time. It’s actually not as interesting as this next part.

3 days after this arrest, Sandra ended up dying in her cell. Police say it was suicide by hanging but skeptics are aplenty. If you read through the investigation, there are plenty of inconsistencies but this is the craziest. This tweet suggests that the cops had already killed her and then took the mug shot while she was dead lying on her jail cell floor. The photo is of a corpse.

Then there’s this, where did she hang herself from?

1) Why was she pulled over for a lane change? I run red lights on the reg. Lord knows how many times I change lanes improperly.
2) Why wasn’t she cooperative at all? This bothers me because she makes a comment that she hit her head when the officer was being too rough with her and what if she died from that and they covered it up? Why the fuck are you giving the officer a hard time?!?!?
3) How did she die? She was already dead.

What a world we live in.