Exotic-Beach-Location90% of my 478 friends are millionaires who spend the summer in exotic locations.  At least that’s what my Facebook feed would expect me to believe.  My blood boils as I see all these people having fun and I spend day after day in the heat slaving away.  As a self proprietor, when you don’t work, your business stops working and that’s unacceptable.  This essentially leads to zero vacation days and when you actually do take off, a feeling of guilt overtakes your body that you can’t even enjoy the time off because the work just builds.  I’m exaggerating but not really.

Aside from my complaining, there’s actually ton of neat stuff going on that is worth mentioning but not worthy of an entire blog post.

  • The 2nd Season of True Detective is mind blowingly slow and is only now starting to heat up with Colin Farrell about ready to lay into Vince Vaughn.
  • Ray Donovan is still entertaining mainly because of Jon Voight.  Connor banging the mattress is (lack of descriptive term).
  • donald-trump-hair-photos-mystery-transplant-combover_2014-09-14_21-59-27-573x430Donald Trump insulting John McCain and winning because of it.  This guy can do no wrong even when he tries.
  • Still sad Louie lost.  This was a crippling blow to my morale.
  • Researching fantasy football already.  I’m back to passing on ODB.
  • This guy hating fat people.


Rant. Enough with these bullshit excuses as to why you’re over…Rant. Enough with these bullshit excuses as to why you’re overweight. Check this out ➡️ http://goo.gl/UY0PI5If you get angry over this video but it helps save your life, then I don’t give a fuck about your feelings.

Posted by Bryan Silva on Thursday, July 16, 2015