So I went to the golf range yesterday and ended up breaking the head off my Adams Speedline Driver. I don’t have the receipt but I don’t really expect that to be much of a problem. Pretty much just solidifies the fact that I’m crushing the ball and regular drivers can’t stand up to the heat. I then went to Golfsmith to look for a set of irons and ended up narrowing it down between the Cleveland CG7’s and the Titleist AP1’s. If anyone has any experience with either I’d be curious to know because it’s a reasonably sized purchase that will last a while and is pretty important. Any other suggestions I’d like to hear.

A funny thing happened last night when we went to the Mad River. The bouncer came up to me and asked how I was doing after he had to kick me out last Saturday. So that filled in a missing piece of the puzzle which means that he booted me at about 12 for being too wasted because I was elbowing girls. He did however say that I left in a subdued manner which is a bit comforting that I wasn’t completely out of control but my motor skills were probably not functioning 100%. What’s not comforting is being there for an hour and not remember anything. I get the feeling that I get the boot some of those nights so I’m certainly not surprised with the information he gave me. I did however try a new technique last night that worked surprisingly well. I went to the bar with 18 dollars and didn’t let myself take out any money. Meaning I drank 7 beers and stopped drinking and made it home feeling fine and woke up this morning feeling good. It was the first time that I can remember in a long time that when I finished my beer, I didn’t immediately go to the bar and get another. Believe it or not this may be a step in the right direction and I will give it another shot tonight and see how I end up. I’m going to coin this technique the “no money, no beer” technique.

Not blacking out and drinking >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> sober >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>blacking out.
It’s actually kind of funny because I started with a few greater than signs after ‘not blacking out’ and then I kept adding them until I got to there.