We live in a world where it is impossible not to interact with other people.  I was raised with good manners and I know right from wrong but being a human being that consistently delivers among their peers is quite challenging.  Over the past few days I’ll share some interactions that stay on my mind.

Neighbor Jeff and Leaves 

leaf3Since leaves started to fall, a pile had amassed in front of my house on the sidewalk.  It was probably 4 feet x 6 feet wide.  It was the only area on the entire street that had any leaves and this was because there isn’t a single tree aside from across my house.  A few weeks ago I collected 2 trash bags full and pretty much forgot about it with there being about 60% remaining.  This Saturday, my neighbor cleaned the leaves and left the trash bag in front of my house in a passive aggressive manner.  The leaves bothered me 0.  They obviously bothered him.  Now it’s just weird and I’m hoping it blows over and he leafs me alone.

Dunkin Bum

anthonyThere is a bum at Dunkin who I routinely see.  I’d have to guess I’m in the top 95% of people who give him money.   Today he asked for a doughnut.  I didn’t buy him one.   To his credit he doesn’t ask me every single time I see him but I probably give him 50 bucks the entire year.

NYE Bail Out

I feel genuinely disappointed leaving the New Years party early.  I have a friend who comes down to Philly to hang out with me and I’ve probably bailed with no explanation the last 3 times.  There’s nothing I can say to excuse it and I’ll develop the reputation of you can’t depend on this guy.  Which is true as long as everyone is aware this is the case.  Problem is they aren’t.

Jeff’s Bday

167654_10150390750150249_2773927_nIt was Jeff’s birthday this weekend and we didn’t meet up to celebrate.  I see him at work (and home) more than any other person I interact with but it just feels like we should have got together and shot the shit on his birthday.  I feel like this scenario happens often where I’ll have some people doing one thing and others doing another and it’s impossible to make everyone happy.  Most likely he doesn’t give a shit about it but it’s still something I think about.  Same thing happened with Sam when he came down on New Year’s day.  I should have hung out as he doesn’t make his way to the city that often and we don’t hang out as often as I feel we probably could.