He’s a friendly ghost.

I’ve developed a defense mechanism that after I catch a buzz where I’m “too drunk”, I casper.  Caspering is leaving a party or bar without telling anyone.  It’s a weird move to people who don’t ever get “too drunk”.  Common comments would be, What the fuck?  Where did he go?  That’s rude!.

With my checkered past I basically leave places when I want to leave.  I can’t tell you why I want to leave them but there’s a feeling that says it’s time to go and I split.  The reason I do this is to stay out of trouble which is counter intuitive because being by yourself when you are too drunk doesn’t make a lot of sense.  Nothing bad happened so don’t worry.

TC at Crystal Tea RoomI spent a boatload to go to this fancy party at the Crystal Tea Room.  I went to a bar crawl the night before where I drank mostly beer and felt fine on Thursday.  I ate some Boston Market at 2pm and knew my eating schedule was off.  The fancy party served food but I made the mistake of leaning more towards the drinks.  By 11 pm I was on the dance floor looking around and it was filled with couples making out.  I can’t remember exactly but at that point I said enough and left.   Complete waste of money.

The Jack and cokes did a number on me too because my head was ringing the next day.  Steve invited me to brunch and then downtown both of which I declined in order to recover.  I could have went another day but it would have set me back in feeling good again.  I’d like to think I made a smart decision but instead I did virtually nothing yesterday and wasted an entire day.

My favorite JC pic

My favorite JC pic

When I woke up this morning I was feeling better and went to work.  This is weird but I actually like work.  It gives me structure.  It makes me productive.  Being 31 I’ve done the partying.  I know what it’s like to go to bars and stay out late getting hammered.  I’m sure I’ll do the same tonight and complain tomorrow but for today, it’s the entry.