This was not Ms. Hughes.

This was not Ms. Hughes.

When I was a Sophomore in High School my English teacher was Ms. Hughes.  I was 15.  She was probably 25.  When I think back through my 15 year old eyes she seems WAY older than 25.  This is in no way mean spirited but she was a full grown adult and I was a skinny twerp.  Anyway, Ms. Hughes was a babe.

This post isn’t going to go where you’d think it’s going to go.   I’m way to much of a pussy to pull anything like that off.  So then your probably asking why are you writing about your small penis in the title?  Good question and the answer is because you’ve read until this second paragraph.

jokeIf the point of this post was to bring the reader up and then disappoint them then I guess I would have accomplished the task.  However, I do have a few tidbits from my Ms. Hughes days and a current day joke that I thought was clever.

It’s possible Ms. Hughes was the only teacher to treat me like I was smarter than I was.  She called me “smug boy” and let me read the part of John Proctor in the Salem Witch Trials.  This is all after I wrote a summer reading paper on Huck Finn and why it’s wrong to use the N word so many times clearly showing I hadn’t read any of the book.

I was always an above average student in track 2 classes and a joke in honors courses.  I’ve pretty much continued this throughout my entire life.  You don’t always have to be the smartest person though to be successful and I’m hoping the future will show this.

sososmallNow to finish this post with further insight to the title.  I was reading how if everyone used Comic Sans font it would cost about $1.6 billion dollars of extra ink.  I brought this up to Adam and Evan and somehow we got onto turning in papers with certain font and Ms. Hughes name sprung up.  Then the obligatory “how hot Ms. Hughes was” appeared and the joke popped of ramming her with my size 3 font penis.  We laughed.  My penis wouldn’t be a 3 though.  It would be 12.  Font.  Not inches.

*This post sort of took a life form of its own.  I started it with the final joke in mind knowing full well it wasn’t enough for a post.  However, I feel people prefer nonsensical posts over something with any point.