I woke up at 6 and got my complementary 2x2x2 breakfast at Ihop.  It was tasty and I left a 5 dollar tip.  I had one business visit that could result in a home run but time will tell.  I drove from Alexandria to Durham in the 8 hour day and that’s where the fun began.

I checked into a Sleep Inn smoking room, the only room as available, for 80 bucks.  I got to the room and it was unbearable.  I sort of knew I didn’t want a smoking room but didn’t know how bad it would be.  I turned on the AC and left to take a run around Lake Crabtree.

Lake Crabtree was big but how big was it?  I started running around the outside and was trail running until I hit a mile mark.  I stumbled on some deer and freaked them out the same way they did to me.  I saw a 2 mile mark, then a 3, then a 4.  At this point I was unsure how big this freaking lake was.  At 5 I was tired and knew I could no longer turn around. At the 6.5 mile mark I made it back to where I started with a sigh of relief.  I went back to the Sleep Inn sweaty.

I decided it wasn’t worth staying in my smoke room so I showered and left.  I told the clerk I was leaving and he checked the room.  He said I used it and checked in after 4 so there was nothing he could do.  I left without a fight.  I went across the street to make sure I could get a room and called Jake at Sleep Inn back.  I told him I was disputing the charges and he amazingly said he’d see what he could do.  10 minutes later he said he could move me to a non smoking room.  “Too late” as I sit here in my king bed and non smoking room at the Comfort Inn suites for 20 more bucks.  I got Bojangles for dinner and the lemonade is awesome.  I also saw the Duke campus and threw up some pics on Instagram to the right.  Until tomorrow