Touché to Bud’s comment on an alligator not being a crocodile. I even thought about what a gator was and didn’t think to change it. Also I’m typing this on my phone, while dropping a deuce, and it has to be the most idiotic way to post an entry. If this is how you usually post Gourlay, the picture gets clearer on the status of your genius.

I’m in Alexandria, Va and am in the minority. White people are like 10% around where I’m staying. No big deal. I also heard the song bubbly on 2 outdoor speakers which was odd.

I got the chance to golf after my trip yesterday and almost hit my second hole in 1. I also played the back 9 in 42 minutes with a cart. Then I went to this wacky bird sanctuary to go for a run and the place wasn’t made for running. That’s what happens when you gps park.