Millions of germs are being spread to each party.

Millions of germs are being spread to each party.

In an article I read about whether a fist pound should replace the handshake, I decided that there are too many people on the planet.   The hand shake has been utilized since the 5th century.  I personally have shaken thousands of hands in my lifetime and would attribute getting sick from that process 0 times.  2 days ago I watched an 80 year old man cough into his hand and I STILL shook it as I left his office.  Fist pounding is a pussy’s way of replacing  a hand shake.  Germs?  From a hand?  Like I shake your hand that is full of germs, it spreads to my hand, and then I start touching my eyeball and infect my eyes with your germs?  This is what I’m scared of?

The article posted is from the Washington Post which is a reputable source of information.  Spreading this information is more infectious than germs from a handshake.  Take a look at this chart:


Less contact means less germs. A fist bump is safer. No shit! The safeness of a handshake is about 99% and a fist bump is about 99.5%. The media spreads this information and starts freaking people out that they can’t touch each others hands anymore. Soon we’ll all be walking around in plastic bubbles because it’s safer.

Don't google weird diseases.

Don’t google weird diseases.

This is toxic information that spreads because of too many people with nothing to do. Their job is to create information to concern the people reading it. The info has no bearing on anything. 100 years ago did people give a fuck about touching each others hands? They weren’t even banging with condoms to give you an idea of how scared they were of diseases. Our society has gotten wacky with pointless information.

After reading this post I’ll probably die from contamination from a hand shake.