Weekend recap posts are always the lowest on the totem pole but there were a few noteworthy events that happened.

  • Look familiar Chad?

    Look familiar Chad?

    An 8some went on Saturday for a golf round at Hickory Valley in Gilbertsville.  It was a gnat-mare.  Sam posted the highest score I’ve ever been a part of carding symbols on the scorecard that I didn’t know were used in golf like question marks and DNF’s.  Chad scored an 18 on the last hole sinking at least 5 balls in the water.  Nobody played particularly well but it was still fun.  Ck4 loves when I write about him in the blog so I’ll also give his long distance putts major credit.

  • 2014 Belmont StakesOn a whim, I put 10 dollars on Tonalist to win the Belmont Stakes.  I went to Evan’s and had an hour to do some research on Tonalist.  It turned out he didn’t race the Derby or Preakness and the odds are against a triple crown winner considering it hasn’t happened since 1978 with 12 horses having made attempts.  As the research continued, I was getting the feeling that this horse had a shot.  I put another 20 bucks on the race and much to my surprise, he actually won.  It went off at around 10-1 so I pocketed 300 bucks on a horse race.
  • Lebron-cramp-meme-1With money in my Bovada account, I decided to put money on the Rangers which was extremely exciting to watch but didn’t end up winning.  I also put money on Djokovic and watched the finals against Nadal Sunday morning.    Then I branched out and bet on the Reds against the Phillies which turned out smart.  I think the Heat tonight with the points is wise so that tips off in a half hour.  Sorry Sam.
  • qSYaIw0On Saturday night at Time I somehow initiated a dance circle and was getting peer pressured into making moves.  I have near 0 dance moves so I busted out a 360 spin except it was only about a 150 and then I started MC hammer dancing.  There’s comfort in being uncomfortable.
  • The tinder conversation was also pretty funny.  Straight to it.IMG_20140608_194121