There have been constant #100happydays springing up all over social media so I investigated a bit.  A website is promoting people to take a picture of something that makes them happy for 100 days straight.  The stat says 71% of people fail to complete this challenge.  Without falling into the masses, I’ll be participating in the 100 unhappy days challenge which is the exact opposite.  Each day I’ll have a post to Twitter with a picture of something that makes me unhappy.  I would suppose I would also fail if I had to find 100 happy ideas 100 days in a row but I’m much more content with the unpleasant side of things.  The best part about this is that everything will be original content which is where I think my site is failing.


This is going to sound crazy but I am starting to find more fun in the unhappiness than in the happiness, which in turn is making me happy so it must be working.  How can this be bad?