This is a short video of a segway break on the Cartoon Network during Adult Swim. I found it to be hilarious and commend them on creating something that appeals to the demographic who watches their shows.

I apologize for the video but I took 10 takes and couldn’t figure out how to make the white lettering not glow. I’ve added the text below for utmost clarity.

How To Play Jai Alai
1. Sling the ball at a wall with your hand scoop
2. Catch the ball and whip it at the other guy’s dick
3. Important: Don’t let the ball hit you in the dick
4. First one to hit the other guy and make him cry wins
5. Then you eat chips and salsa together and watch DVD’s
In conclusion, we’ve never play Jai Alai.

Why did I think this was hilarious? First things first, I knew Jai Alai was a game where you used a scoop to throw a ball but had no idea how to play. Other tidbits I knew are it is a big gambling game and I remember Johnny Knoxville in Jackass taking the shots to the body so that also piqued my interest. I was actually curious to know how to play. Either way, once 2 hit, I was already cracking up because that wasn’t what I expected and they used the word dick. The idea of balls hitting people in the dick at high velocity was immediately hitting my hilarious zone. 4 and 5 could have been a bit more thought out but the damage had already been done. Altogether, I was amused.


This is how you really play.