I posted this blog’s link on Facebook which I haven’t been doing the past few months. The goal being to get some new readers and expand this blog’s network. Plain and simple, it worked. Today’s traffic will hit almost 500 people and the Facebook link brought in 80+ people so far. You’ll be interested to know that the split between Facebook on a computer and mobile was 50/50. This was by far the most attention the site has ever received through social media and I have a good idea why. The picture that I used when I posted my link had two me’s. It was the shopped picture of 2 of me and I think that actually drew people in. I made sure to have some decent posts lined up so when the people got here they saw the hottest girls posts. I made a mistake because I posted the Javale McGee post which isn’t as general as the females. Nevertheless, hardly anyone bounced and traffic has been growing at a steady clip the last few weeks.

Unfortunately, even with all these extra eyes it’s nearly impossible to draw a comment out of people but I’ve learned to live with that. This blog is really missing the participation that could take it to the next level but I put that on myself to a great extent. It’s up to me to participate in other networks and get other groups to view my blog. My participation dictates others. I have enough trouble trying to generate constant content that being fake in forums isn’t my intent. Needless to say, I’m pretty excited that the site is starting to get recognized on a higher level. Before I was getting fluke traffic (Brandi and Siri Cruise) but now there are more pages that are being viewed more often. Even though there’s no monetary gain, it’s a success that more eyeballs are seeing things I’ve posted even if its taken 4 years.

Just to comment on my actual life for a minute, the snow wasn’t much of a nuisance and is practically gone. It was short lived. A great relief to me is that I’m finally able to get back on the treadmill at the gym. My knee prevented me for quite some time and I’ve been able to run 3 times in the last 4 days accomplishing 4 miles each day. I was 24:02, 23:56, and 23:44 today. I should be able to drop to 23 in a few weeks and that will make me feel like I’m back into shape. I know it sounds ridiculous to some but being out of shape isn’t how I’m trained to live my life. Conditioning and fitness is a part of life and being stricken of that can make me miserable. Don’t get injured!

I’ve been working hard at learning German as well and am making progress. I’m able to read it better than write or say it but that will come with time. I’m trying to put an hour a day and if I do that for 2 months I think I’ll be prepared to at least get around. My photoshop skills are also getting better and I’ll have some new displays in the next few days. It’s fun to mess around with but also very time consuming. All in all, I feel good and things are moving along. I feel a bit inactive but I have some plans to change that up. Til tomorrow I leave with you the OOOOh Kill em Tuturoial.