JKash pointed out this clip on Javale McGee’s instagram and we had a few questions after trying to decipher some conversation.

The situation is JJ Hickson is helping Nate Robinson with a muscle cramp while Javale McGee films. Here is the assumed dialogue.

Nate Robinson: ARRRGGGH!
JJ Hickson: “calm down eh dancer (inaudible).”
Nate: “Nahhh, let me standup, lemme standup, lemme standup.”
JJ: “I need to get some whole milk. We gotta rub, we gotta rub some milk on it.”
Nate: “Ah, fuck that, let me stand up.”
Javale McGee: “I wasn’t gonna eat dat shit.”
J.J.: “Shihh i am.”
Nate: “Turn that shit off.”

A few questions:
Why is the gallon of fruit punch hanging out? After viewing JaVale’s instagram, I noticed a #juglife which may have some answer.

Why is the starting center providing treatment to Nate Robinson when they travel with a training staff? Probably the most perplexing although I know the point the toes to the ceiling is the best method to relieving the pain of muscle cramps.

What kind of sock is Nate wearing?

Why does the plate of chicken pass so perfectly?