Thinking leads to better performance. This seems fairly standard but putting it into action is not. I can sit here and churn out entry after entry of complete garbage if I post anything I see that I find mildly interesting. You raise to the next level by not only forming better ideas, but then taking your time so they are explained clearly and presented properly. This is why Twitter has taken off because people can see something and then are limited to 140 characters to explain it. This forces them to be compelling and concise which is wildly entertaining (for those who are good at it). This blog takes a little more thought.

I have a visitor counter on the right side bar where you can see how many people visit the site daily. Yesterday’s 459 was a number that doesn’t hit that often. What happens when people actually visit the site is that it puts pressure on me to not only post more often, but to increase the quality of posts. You see where the contradiction lies. I need to post more and think more in the same time period. People can rise up when this occasion occurs.

Life is also about striking while the iron is hot. Many people only get a short window of time to make something happen. Take Rebecca Black for instance, she grabbed the attention of the world with Friday and now followed up with the mediocre Saturday. Rebecca Black won’t be relevant 5 years from now but she is taking full advantage of her time in the spotlight. Longevity is incredibly demanding and most people are not up for the test. That’s why when you gain any type of recognition (this blog is barely that), you must understand that nothing lasts forever and going after it while you can is paramount.

What I’m getting at is that if I want to make this website more serious, I have to continue to improve and make better posts. Better posts require more thought in every aspect. I need to use superior words, have impeccable grammar, come up with different ideas from the norm, and do it in brief time periods. I think this is where most people quit. Once it gets to the point that you’ve reached a certain level with what is considered your full effort, you get tired. The people who prevail are the ones who fight through and keep at it. I intend to add this element to website and will hopefully show that in the coming weeks, months, and years. If you’ve read this far and are a new visitor, I wanted to give you an idea of where I come from.