Igloo Desserts Heats Up


Ice cold in the Igloo

Ice cold in the Igloo

Igloo Desserts on Gray’s Ferry here in Philly gets my stamp of approval.  With 2,100 likes on Facebook at a 4.6 rating through 69 reviews, I suppose I’m not the only one who approves.

Now normally I wouldn’t go out of my way to express my support but the business model of this frozen yogurt establishment is rock solid.  My suspicion is that this shop is set up like thousands of other yogurt shops but dessert is a rarity for me so I’m out of touch.  My observations when I compare it to Dairy Queen which I’ve enjoyed in the past:

  • Self Serve machines in the back

    Self Serve machines in the back

    Yogurt is served out of self help machines instead of by an employee.  Brilliant.  More people can serve themselves at a time thus creating more revenue.

  • Only a few employees (maybe one), a cashier and a person who makes sure the machines produce, are needed.
  • The customer makes the dessert better than an employee would.   I could be stretching a bit here because I’m downplaying the ice cream “professional”  but I know the exact way I want to make my ice cream and I know it’ll be the way I like it.  Empower the consumer.
  • Price is done by weight.  No complaints as I got my fill of yogurt for under $5 bucks.
  • I was skeptical because my impression is that yogurt sucks.  However, I could hardly tell the difference and left feeling satisfied and fulfilled with the experience.
I consulted with this bro before I wrote this.

I consulted with this bro before I wrote this.

The website is professional and they keep up with social media.  I noticed also that with only 2 locations it’s not a chain with no human touch and customers support small business.  I can’t speak to how healthy it really is when I put 5 scoops of crushed up snickers bar on my dish but apparently it’s a push against “ice cream”.  This approach to serving dessert is a home run in my mind.  From someone who generally finds reasons he doesn’t like something before he does, I enjoyed it.

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Sub 60 Minute Broad Street Run

Nathan Relles and Tom StortzLet me start this post with a big thank you to Nathan Relles who transferred his bib to me and without this kind gesture, you wouldn’t have this blog post.  Thanks Nathan.

A quick thought about me not getting selected to the lottery for the Broad Street Run…it’s absurd.  Complete system failure.  Before the race today I saw men who haven’t seen their penis in ages.  There has to be some restriction to this race (like being able to see your penis).  10 miles isn’t a 5k, not everyone can do it properly.  That aside, onward to the race.

I wrote about how I was feeling before the Broad St Run in this post if you don’t keep up with the blog.  I got an average night’s sleep with Alex calling me at 12:30am after I feel asleep at 11:30pm asking where Sam was.  This wasn’t a big deal except that I had actually fallen asleep and not only did that wake me up but Jeff and company were listening to music which also made sleep challenging.  Either way, my alarm went off at 5am and I sprung to action.  I dropped a deuce, brushed my teeth, showered, and tied my running shoes tight.  I ate one Granola bar and was feeling light on my feet.

bcbsrunI drove and parked in the Wells Fargo Center at around 6am and caught a subway before the lines got crazy.  It’s about a half hour to the starting line so I had a while to kill before the 8:30 start.  I hung around and did some light stretching.  I dropped the kids off at the pool a second time and also was urinating like crazy.  I wasn’t sure if this was a good or bad sign but and didn’t want to cake my pants.  I was herded into the corral and sat through 15 minutes of talking before the race was about to start.

IMG_1431The timer went off and I was using a watch for the first time ever.  I have no problem getting out and fell into a comfortable pace.  My thoughts at this point are that I want to finish the race without caking my pants.  Essentially, put up a respectable time and don’t embarrass yourself.

Through 5 miles I was still feeling good and people weren’t picking me off and I was actually gaining on some people ahead of me which is a great sign.  I was exactly a minute (29:00) under 60 minute pace at the 5 mile which pretty much assured that I was going to finish OK.  Considering the fact I still felt good, I was in high hopes.  I got to 7 miles which is what I wrote in the last entry was my do or die point with regards to time.  Amazingly I didn’t exactly do either and stayed at 6 minute pace.  I had virtually no kick and finished at 59:08 which I’m pretty happy with but it was about 30 seconds slower than last year.  My splits were 5:49, 5:45, 5:50, 5:50, 5:43, 6:03, 5:56, 6:00, 6:03. 6:03.  Without being a track expert, you can see that I lost touch at the 6 mile mark and I can’t really remember what happened because I didn’t feel lousy.

Overall I lived up to my own expectations and actually felt very good throughout.  I needed a few more longer runs during training if I was going to improve upon last year which is seemingly my peak.  I lacked finishing speed but my preparation was excellent as I felt like a million bucks throughout the race .  Overall though I had a good time and I’m glad I did it once again.  I hope everyone else who did the run and reads this post enjoys it too.


My Broad St Run performance

My Broad St Run performance

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A Hoagie in Philly!

We call it a hoagie!

We call it a hoagie!

This map clearly shows that the only place a hoagie is called a hoagie is the Philadelphia region. Everyone else knows a hoagie as a sub. This never even dawned on me that I am from the only place that uses the term hoagie. I remember college in Pittsburgh thinking it was weird that a hoagie was a sub or hero and obviously these Yinzers were way off the mark in their categorizing. We all know rubber bands aren’t gum-bands, and it’s slippery not slippy. After seeing this map, I have a bit more perspective that I was the odd man out. I think this is a great thing though because it stamps the fact that Philly has it’s own uniqueness in the sandwiches we create. There’s a reason it’s a PHILLY cheese steak and why we are the only people who know what a hoagie is. Things are created and perfected in Philly, something to be proud of. Why other places can’t nail down a cheese steak is almost comical because it’s such a simple sandwich. There is something special about a hoagie from Wawa.

The other map I enjoy is the soda / pop / coke map. Let’s be completely biased here and see exactly who calls it soda. The Northeast, Southwest, Milwaukee / St. Louis, and Florida. The full name is called Soda Pop. The noun is the first word. Smart people call things nouns. Pop is a descriptive feature of soda. The carbonation is the pop, not the drink. Pop is the sound a balloon makes when it breaks, not a drink. You’d also never call something by a brand name as it’s preferred choice. I no doubt have ordered a soda as “coke” before but that’s because I wanted coke. If I order a coke in the South is it possible to get a ginger ale?

Here are 22 other maps of areas that pronounce and use words various ways. I noticed that I said the words in the way my region did almost every time. It’s funny how easy it is to take the position that however you grew up and how words are pronounced and described around you is the right way. These should offer a larger perspective that just because you think one way, doesn’t mean a different person thinks another way and you both can be right. Being open minded is critical.

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Philly Athletes Who’ve Gone Broke

Hailing from Philadelphia, I have an odd sense of like/dislike for our sports teams. For starters, Philly teams don’t win championships. The Eagles have only been to Superbowl once. The Sixers as the Nationals won in 1955, then back to the Sixers in 1967, and again in 1983 with Dr J and Moses. The Flyers held the Stanley Cup in 1974, 75 but nothing since. Finally the Phillies won the world series in 1980 and 2008 which I recall had an odd rain delay that caused game 3 to be postponed and the sense of an unofficial victory. That leads for a total of 1 championship since I was born. That’s not a whole lot to get excited for and may add to my lack of being a homer. If there is any team though that I’d want to win, it’s almost always a Philadelphia team but that has to factor in my indifference to the outcome of sporting events in general. Putting this brief history of ineptitude aside, Philadelphia athletes also seem to be better at losing their money than other cities. Let’s look at some of our finer specimens.

Allen Iverson
First on my list is Allen Iverson and rightfully so. He brought life into Philly ball that was honestly terrible for years following Barkley’s departure. AI was this city’s savior and he brought that intensity beginning his rookie season. The 2000 championship run was my fondest enjoyment of any Sixers basketball ever. Stepping over Tyrone Lue is the most memorable with AI crossing Jordan as a close second. Amazingly, with all his talent and earning ability, he has found himself without any money. AI earned over 154 million dollars throughout his career and that doesn’t include endorsements which have to be close to 50 million. I would go on to say that with all of AI’s retirements and returns, overseas basketball, and soccer auditions, that this is one of the saddest athlete stories. He succumbed to some costly issues such as gambling, divorce with goddamn kids, and having an entourage 50 deep. These guys just don’t understand that the money stops coming in when you stop playing. “In a Philadelphia Inquirer column published March 7, 2010, Stephen A. Smith wrote that according to “numerous NBA sources”, Iverson would “either drink himself into oblivion or gamble his life away”, and that Iverson had already been banned from casinos in Detroit and Atlantic City. Smith also wrote that Tawanna, his wife of eight years, had separated from him and filed for divorce, seeking custody of their five children, as well as child support and alimony payments.” I wonder if AI has the answer?

Lenny Dykstra

I remember Lenny being my favorite Phillie during their World Series run in 1993 (he was also runner up for MVP to Barry Bonds that year). He batted lead off, played centerfield, had a cheek full of tobacco and was tough as nails. He was also a bad boy after these numerous incidents. In 1991, while driving drunk (.179 BAC), he crashed his car into a tree on Darby-Paoli Road in Radnor Township after attending John Kruk’s party. Oh yeah, Darren Daulton was also in the car and they both sustained broken bones. In 1999, he was arrested for sexual harassment of a 17-year-old woman who worked at his car wash, but the criminal charges were later dropped. In December 2010, Dykstra was accused of hiring a female escort, then writing the escort a bad $1,000 check. Adult film star and escort Monica Foster claimed that he purchased her escort service on December 13, 2010 then wrote her a check that bounced. Monica Foster later posted a copy of the bounced check on her blog. These acts don’t even touch the financial issues he had which I just don’t have the space or will to write about in this short area. Let’s just say the guy didn’t manage his money well and was a complete shyster and after filing for bankruptcy, has landed himself behind bars.

Michael Vick
It’s hard for me to really call Vick an Eagle but he technically has played for us and is one of the most high profile finance-tards. I don’t need to go into the dog fighting because that’s been covered to death. Some of Vick’s more interesting bonehead stories. In March 2005, Sonya Elliott filed a civil lawsuit against Vick alleging she contracted genital herpes from him in the autumn of 2002 and that he failed to inform her that he had the disease. Elliot further alleged that Vick had visited clinics under the alias “Ron Mexico” to get treatments and thus knew of his condition. The “weed water bottle” also seems to have gone mum. Vick surrendered a water bottle that had a hidden compartment to security personnel at Miami International Airport on January 17, 2007 but nothing was found illegal. Vick announced that the water bottle was a jewelry stash box, and that the substance in question had been jewelry. HUH? Financially, Vick signed a 6 year, 100 million dollar contract with the Eagles recently so he won’t be broke forever but his financial troubles stemmed from the dog-fighting and his inability to collect on his contract. I have a feeling though that Vick will have wised up and will have some better financial planning moving forward. Over under 5 years til bankruptcy?

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You belong to the city

You’ll notice I’ve been using song titles (that you probably don’t know) as my blog titles. This one by Glenn Frey and appropriately titled. On Monday, Jeff and I rented a Uhaul and moved our belongings into the city. We got the Uhaul around 12 and were completely finished by 4. We just completely got the job done in quick fashion. Thanks to Evan for his help. Here is what we have so far.

We went out to eat at Finnigan’s the first night to watch the football games because we didn’t have cable and were literally the only people there. The food was pretty terrible too. We stopped by Steve’s after that just to hang out. After getting cable yesterday I went for a run on the Benjamin Franklin bridge which I’ve never done before. It was pretty sweet and then I ran a bit more around Rutgers. After that we grabbed a few cases and had a few beers before meeting up with a few of Jeff’s friends at Fox and Hound. Apparently it was college night and it was fairly packed. Certainly some potential for future Tuesdays. That brings us to today and I’m looking to continue doing things and living life. This is what the city brings to you. Stay tuned for more adventures.

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Made in America

So I’ve obviously been updating this blog less often than past time. An obvious reason for this is because I’ve stopped writing about what I’m doing. I could write a post every hour about what I did the last hour. Since I’ve eliminated these types of posts, I have less to write about. The reason for why I’ve stopped those types of posts is because I’ve been doing them for years and they just aren’t that good. HOWEVER, I will write about things I do that are actually interesting, not going to mall to buy a new pair of shoes (if those posts interest you than you might have to take a step back and observe your own life)(I will however write that I think I have good opinions on those types of things).

I spent $91.26 on a Made in America ticket this past Saturday that headlined with Jay-Z, Skrillex, Passion Pit, and Calvin Harris. Jeff and I drove to the city on Friday night to avoid any oddball traffic on Saturday. We went to a bar called Time Friday night which was pretty funny. It was a decent time highlighted by something unusual towards the end where I said something to this hot girl (I believe it was inaudible) and then she looked at me and then it seemed like the entire room was just completely staring at me. I honestly had no idea what the hell was going on so I just turned around and left but it was seriously bizarre because I don’t even think I said anything.

We got up at 9 and got some breakfast and then headed over to the Shee’s place to drink some beers and break a piece of couch that didn’t fit into his apartment. We did that and played some caps before heading back to 210 where Jeff forgot his phone and then made our way to Steve’s for some more beers. I think we got to the concert at 3:30 and they didn’t even check my ticket to get in. 24 oz beers were selling for $11.00 but I don’t think I had more than 2. The whole day was a complete and utter blur. Not in that I don’t remember anything but it just went by quickly. The techno tent was certainly an interesting site. After Jay-Z performed people started heading out and we went over to Morgan’s Pier for a little while. At that point I couldn’t drink anymore because I was malnourished and just went back home at 1:30 or so. Nothing really crazy happened and I still sit here thinking that this isn’t that great of a post. I do think people find these somewhat readable though because they didn’t experience it.

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