Necess for Excess

This was one of my more memorable weekends with the American Odyssey relay taking place described below. After that relay I got home at around midnight and woke up around 7 am so I could play golf with the Shee. We payed 75 bucks to play Lederach in Harleysville. The price seems pretty steep but it truly is a well kept course. We played from green tee boxes and the course isn’t properly marked with distance from the tee box to the greens which I will discuss in depth further on. The first hole pretty much set the stage for the rest of the day. Shee hit a nice drive down the center of the fairway about 50 yards out and I hit a bomb that went way over the green (a par 4 and yes marked incorrectly on the score card). Shee ended up with a 6 and I got up and down for a par after taking an OB stroke. I was even par through 4 holes and then sort of hit some bad shots on easy holes to finish with a 45 on the front. My driver was clearly working though and I had multiple drives on par 4’s that led to 25 yard chip shots to the green. My back nine was even better and even after hitting 2 balls in the drink on 18, I finished with a 43 for an 88. I had a tee shot on a 185 yard par 3 that I put within 6 feet and also a birdie on 17 which was the 2nd for the round. I played really well that I caught the golf bug.

In a move that I’m sure not everyone would do, I called Bala golf course, a private course, and asked if I could play a round because I was interested in possibly joining the course. The person working the pro shop told me to come over which I did. He let me off on the 10th tee for absolutely nothing. I walked the 18 holes in around 3 hours which is the proper way to play golf. The course was only a par 68, 5300 yards but an absolute doozy of a course. Everything is absurdly tight, the greens are tiny, and there is no forgiveness. I found myself punching out and hitting out of sand more than ever. I had one par on the entire 18 and finished with a respectable 99. Playing by yourself is also a little different as you get a lot of time to think while walking around the course. It was a lot of fun and playing 36 holes in one day (after completely 17 miles in 1+ days) has me beat tired. Nevertheless this was one of my more promising weekends with a few memorable things in my life.