So I was at my menial temp-job until I had landed something legit again. (Side note, ask as many people as you can before deciding to go to law school, you may not like what you hear, or maybe you will.)  This article was originally being drafted prior to my landing a job; I have since found a temporary home, where I will actually be doing positive things with my bar license, so that’s nice.

Anyway, the great thing about that temp-job was that I could dick around on my phone pretty much all day.  So, at one point I was on my phone reading an article on about how the Falcons had released Michael Turner.  Before I get to my point, I kind of feel like this is a mistake.  I understand he is due over $6 mil, but if they draft a running back, he’d still be a great compliment to have and use to pound the ground on short-yardage and goal-line plays, the guy was a horse and still has something left in the tank I think.

So at the bottom of the article there are ads leading you to other pages.  The top ad caught my eye, and normally I wouldn’t click on one, but this was just too tempting.  The ad, which I will get to in a moment, was on a site called celebrity toob.  Unfortunately, because I let days lapse before finishing this post, I could not find the link (I spent a good 10 minutes searching and re-searching.  IGN led me close, but to no avail).  I do however, still have the snapshot of headline of this ad: “Is Jennifer Aniston’s Bikini Too Small?” (Since I could not find the original link, if you are dying to see shots of her, the IGN link will send you to a photo gallery of her.)

photo (1)

Really?  Really!?  This is quite possibly the dumbest f’n question I have ever heard.  Who in their right mind would say such a thing.  Likely a woman, an ugly woman if I had to guess.  Sorry, it’s the truth.  I don’t think I’ve ever met a guy that’s said or even thought something like “wow that chick is hot, she really should cover up more though, I hate seeing her cleavage and geez that ass is so nice but I really don’t want to see that.”  Hell, even all the gay friends I have can appreciate a hot woman when they see one.  In fact, in that sense, gay guys are lucky, they can say and do things to women that we straight men could never get away with.

I could understand if she were starting to show her age and maybe she had some ugly wrinkles or fromundacheese or something disgusting.  But even at 44, the woman is still super hot!  I think Brad Pitt made a mistake.  Sure Angelina Jolie has her own thing going on (but lets be honest, she was hotter when she was younger) and she’s younger than Jenny, but I find it hard to believe he really wanted to adopt like 20 kids.  Even if he did, I’d take Jennifer over Angelina every day of the week, but I guess that’s just me.  Alright, I’m straying off-track here and my point was supposed to be short and sweet: that advertisement asked a dumb-ass question!  But perhaps it served its purpose: not only did I click the link, but I also wrote an entire blog entry about it.