Who doesn’t read previous text in an email? For instance, I start an email with a friend and we are discussing some event in the future. There is some back and forth and the idea comes along to invite another person. I’ll then put that person on the email chain. Once that person gets that email, they have all the correspondence previously that I guarantee they read 100% of the time and are completely fascinated. Reading information of how other people write to each other is engrossing. It’s like you are being invited to a secret appointment at the pentagon. You’re always thinking in the back of your head that there is some secret information in the previous text that isn’t meant for your eyes.

Now that you know how much people loving reading past text, the best trick is to mess with them. Send some chain about something stupid and then completely forge the would be previous emails. Write how you just banged their girlfriend and how you can’t tell them under any circumstance. There are literally hundreds of ways to fuck with people. I actually never do what I’m writing about but I’ve certainly thought about it. Adam never likes if I just add people to an email chain because he doesn’t like that they can read what he wrote. It’s like an invasion of privacy to him. I think it’s hilarious.