Everyone should be aware of this song by now:

Kimbra is 22 years old, New Zealand born and has a minor role towards the end of this Gotye’s most popular song. This is how careers get launched. Obviously with 186 million views Gotye is going to be the star. Anything this guy does for the next few years is going to be popular no matter what. That’s not the point of this post. The point is how an immensely popular song can change peoples lives. This song below is being titled by Kimbra on Sirius (even though it sounds exactly like Mark Foster – yes I think he should be the title artist).

This song is Foster the People. However with Kimbra’s name attached to it, and her success in Gotye’s song, she is going to reap the benefits of a video that has 186 million views. Plus it shows that music producers are trying to get her name out as much as possible to turn her into a huge money maker. Lady Gaga’s Bad Romance has 463 million to put things in perspective (where has her new music been?!?)(For that matter where is Kesha’s new music!?!?!?!?!?!) I just find it odd that she has two parts in small songs and I guarantee she’ll be all over the radio for the near term. You can’t try to do what happened to her. In her wildest dreams I bet she never imagined how quickly she could achieve global success. I just find the whole story fascinating because it is so unlikely. The popularity of Gotye’s song will be Kimbra’s start. 4 lines in a song. That’s all it takes.