I’ve been reading a few books lately and have developed a few opinions about America and its current shape. The first thing I want to point out is why other countries resent the US. The United States was the first breakthrough country to develop a democratic government. This unleashed tremendous ability and creativity amongst the people and it propelled America past other countries in both power and wealth. There is jealousy for how quickly America prospered and the strength achieved (plus they don’t agree with our values). Combine that with the fact that our citizens take for granted how good we have it and how selfish we act, I think they might have a point.

What has happened to US (I think our founding fathers called it the United States so it can be abbreviated as US and it stands for being ruled by the people)? America is failing. The banking crisis just a few years ago has everyone scratching their heads about how greedy the leaders of our financial world are and how corrupt our politicians have gotten. Leadership is in question and our world power is fading. We don’t rely on our own people to do work anymore because it’s an impossibility to compete on certain levels. We have gotten so involved in worldly affairs that we’ve spread ourselves thin that we are bound to fail. Imagine the board game RISK with the US having one army in every country and Australia just building defenses ready to wipe US out. Our perceived power isn’t what it seems.

Here’s a good example of the shape we are in:

These numbers spell trouble. Something is going to give and thus making me change the title of this post. I sincerely hope we don’t have massive rioting and chaos if the banking system goes haywire. There is no one to blame though other than the leaders of our country and technically the people who voted them in. The greed of man has caught up with the United States and we in 2012 or the near future will feel the pain. No dynasty can last forever and our time is running out.