I was listening to Howard Stern the other day and he made a profound point. I still feel that the outside world views Stern as a lewd, crude, dirty shockjock and he doesn’t get the credit he deserves. The segment involved Howard telling his two joke guys that the material they had wasn’t funny. Howard was explaining to them this certain bit wasn’t good enough for radio and it didn’t represent their abilities. It would tarnish their reputation. He gave an example of a professional photographer who only shows his best work. He might take 100 pictures but they all aren’t going to be presented, he might choose one out of the bunch. Giving your work your best thought and ability is how you produce good content. The difficult question to answer is, how can you tell if your work is that good if you don’t present it? Take these post, I don’t know if I what I write is any good. I have to continue honing my skills until I actually come up with a formula for success. Stern’s life is a great story in that he spent years upon of hard work to get where he is. He says he was awful in the beginning of his career and with effort and his talent for creating content, he rose to the top. His hard work shows to, he gives the most entertaining interviews. These aren’t predetermined, stage interviews where both parties know what they are going to say. He has learned how to make interviewing interesting. His advice should not be taken lightly.