I’m sorry you guys are catching me in a Beatles phase and that’s what I’m writing about. I’ll do my best to share some insights I take away when reading about the group. The Beatles redefined the 60’s like no other musical group in the history of rock and roll. “The way a band interacts musically – the indefinable, unpredictable alchemy of personalities, styles, habits and tastes – is more important to the sound of a band than virtuosity (technical skill). The Beatles meshed. And the world meshed with them.” Everything the Beatles did during this time span was groundbreaking and yearned for from society. Their music had the simplicity and authenticity that appealed to everyone. The combination of the Beatles look, sound, and personalities were the perfect chemistry to create something that isn’t attainable by a single artist which is proved by their solo careers. Think of the most popular GROUP in 2011. The Black Eyed Peas? Pearl Jam? Linkin Park? The musical landscape has changed and we’ll never see another Beatles in our lifetimes. Comparing Lady Gaga or Katy Perry (arguably the most popular acts of 2011) to the Beatles is a joke. Katy sings about “Last Friday Night” and Gaga about being “Born this Way” (a significantly better message than Katy). The Beatles sing about romance and all the emotions that come along, plus their lyrics are purposeful and their harmony’s perfect. This isn’t saying that everything produced today is complete garbage but the talent of the Beatles extends passed autotune. The Beatles are #1 group of all time and there is not a close 2nd place. Sorry Kesha.

When I think about the stardom these rockers achieved in their early 20’s I know I’m not blessed with the skill set of the Beatles. It’s said that rockers create their best music in their 20’s and after that it’s all downhill. When I was 23 I barely knew how to live on my own. These guys were creating music that was loved by millions of people and basically dominated an entire decade. I still can’t get over the group aspect and how it propelled them past anything any individual could accomplish. These weren’t 4 super humans as individuals but when put together as a group, they became geniuses collectively. If I could choose something to go back in time and witness, it would be the Beatles at Shea Stadium in 1966 at the height of Beatlemania. I don’t think that I’ll ever be as fascinated as much by another group as I am with the Beatles.

Below are a few of my personal favorite songs.

Written and sung by Paul in 1965 about a man trying to convince his girl that it’s not worth fighting over silly arguments. When Paul and John sing together they are speaking the narrators thoughts. Paul solo is just the narrator talking to the girl.

Sam and I know this song from the Juggler Chris Bliss and it’s really one of my favorite songs of all time. I’ve never really paid that close to the lyrics but just the transitioning in and out of the 3 songs together makes it awesome.

A song from Rubber Soul that is just a cool song about someone finding out the truth about their partner.

Get Back, a good song but a great video to watch to understand the transformation of the group. This is 1969 which was close to the end of the group. The attire and look has changed dramatically from the tight knit, black suit group that started back in 1962.

I’d be curious is anyone who read this post actually listened to these few songs and altered their opinion on the Beatles.