I love music from the 80’s. The 80’s are a period of time which isn’t exactly thought of as the best music. The introduction of electronic music and synthesizers tend to move away from the “Rock and Roll” that was popular in the 70’s. This isn’t saying that that 80’s didn’t produce great music from the likes of Michael Jackson, Police, Bon Jovi, REM, Metallica and plenty of others. I particularly like the alternative / new wave / electronica music. Some examples are Oingo Boingo, Squeeze, Depeche Mode, English Beat, Talking Heads, OMD, XTC, New Order, Yaz and the Thompson Twins. I promise you that people who are music critics don’t label this as top notch music. For some reason I think this is close to my favorite type of music. When I go into turntable.fm rooms I’m always either in “I love the 80’s” or “80 alt/new wave”. No real point to this post other than giving my taste on music. I still think groups like the Beatles, Led Zeppelin, Bruce and all the other legends are better than these 80’s groups but for some reason this type of music is just fun to listen to for me. Below is a song I particularly like.