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On Wednesday when the new Storage Wars airs my blog traffic goes through the roof. If you don’t watch the show, it’s on from 10-11 and is a bidding game on storage lockers. Here are some thoughts on the characters.

Jarrod and Brandi Schultz

I’ve already wrote about how Brandi is the best looking person on the show and she is seemingly getting hotter by the week. She stays skinny, has a nice rack and a pretty face. The relationship between the two is kind of unique as they seem to “put up” with one another. I just want to point out if you watched tonight’s episode when Jarrod dropped the boxes on Brandi. His attitude of I didn’t drop the boxes on you, they just fell on you is complete garbage. He can easily avoid any confrontation by saying he’s sorry instead of it wasn’t his fault. I like how Brandi acts all prissy and won’t search through garbage. These two will make just as much money from the publicity as they make from the units on the show.


Barry is growing on me. He’s sort of eccentric and can take a joke. He is willing to spend money on a units potential and he seems to find the most bizarre items. His rivalry with Mark and how intense he gets makes me like him even more. He actually has personality and is good for the show. His gloves and the wild cars he drives should show you that he needs to be different.

Darrell & Brandon Sheets

Easily the worst character on the show. Not his son, but Darrell is constantly talking shit and always walking away from the auction with nothing. Talks the talk, doesn’t walk the walk. He comes off as thinking he is always outsmarting people but is really just too much of a pussy to bid on units. He’s too tight to the vest and should leave the show.

Dave Hester

YEEEEEEUUUUPPPPPP! I really find Dave to be the wisest and most willing to spend cash for lockers that have potential. He seems to make out on almost every unit and he doesn’t get involved in the bidding until the end. Basically he waits to see what people are willing to pay and than he jumps in. The way he needles Jarrod and Barry is great. He’s low key and seems to win. I like his style on the show.


He’s great for the show. He has cash behind him. He’s willing to spend. He bids up the units to irritate the characters. He’s probably not always paying the best price for the lockers but he makes it interesting. Plus I was happy the way he got down and dirty when he was going through the locker. The fact he thought a Nintendo was worth 13,000 and it was only 10 should say something about his ability to spot deals.

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  1. Big Stack August 11, 2011 at 12:21 pm

    Keep the Storage Wars postings coming. I thoroughly enjoy the show. Dave Hester seems like a legit business man, not afraid to spend money to make money. How about the episode where his defunct brother was bidding against him, I would like to see more of his brother and let Dave run him into the ground. And Brandi has a set of cans on her that are great.

  2. Adam August 24, 2011 at 1:53 am

    My favorite charicter is Barry. His personality is what really drew me 2 him. Love the episode where Dave thinks he screwed him over on the locker with the wierd head in it and the head was actually worth 6000. Im also a collector of many things so i kind of respect the fact he decides to keep certain items. Love the show.

  3. John August 27, 2011 at 6:55 pm

    Jarrod should just heft the loot and let his wife do the bidding. I agree about the boxes, why he didn’t apologize and show even theleast amount of concern for his wife is puzzling and un-excusable. I find him a little, well maybe more than a little, immature. Hester is interesting and from a business sense, is probably the only one out of them that knows what they’re doing. As for Mark, he strikes me as a guy that just wants to get noticed and will robably get tired of looking the fool before the seasons over. Love the show!! Always look forward to it and even watch the reruns even though there still fresh in my memory..

  4. Karen February 25, 2012 at 7:40 pm

    I think that Dave is the most irritating, obnoxious person there is. If you don’t want a locker, leave it alone for someone else. His language and mannerisms are that of a know-it-all nobody who is alone in this world and would have to pay someone to play with him. No wonder he’s alone.I have shopped in resale shops, but if I knew it beloned to him, I would pass it up. He’s too unprofessional.

    All of them talk the talk but can’t walk the walk.

    Barry is the only one who is absolutely delightful. He’ll take on anyone!

  5. irmelin schrader June 13, 2012 at 4:38 am

    darrell sheets is a bully he is allways putting his son down and brandon is a nice young man he is a guy with a big mouth why dont you get rid of darrell he is low class and he should not be called dad the way he treats his young son .

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