Today’s cities on my business trip included Alexandria, Capital Heights, Annapolis, Frederick, and Hagerstown. Today was way more driving and not nearly as efficient as yesterday. Driving to Frederick and Hagerstown is really too much driving and too spread out to make it worthwhile. I need to plan a trip to head further south and hit Richmond, Norfolk, Fredericksburg and anything deeper. The past two days are really good learning experiences as I’m essentially “selling myself” as JC would put it. Just feeling comfortable going into these different businesses and working the situation to the best of your ability has more value then anything financially. I sometimes wonder why I don’t have the same ability when trying to pick up girls. I am going to use this last line though as some foreshadowing because I think I’m about to turn over a new leaf.

I’ve wrote an entire entry before on how life gets broken down into different stages and I think I’m beginning to feel the next phase. With the latter part of my 20’s working against me, I’m starting to feel some pressure to take the next step from single, party animal to finding someone to have a relationship with. That last sentence is more intimidating to me then walking into any random business trying to sell hand tools. I’ve just always had a feeling that I’d meet the right person and it would be as simple as that. Problem is I don’t really give anyone a chance and just work back into the my normal routine. I’m considering just joining and just going on a whirlwind of random dates so I at least can experience that girls are crazy instead of just assuming.

As the title of this post explains, coming out of business trips like these are what makes me a more well rounded individual. Basically it’s my product and the person who will sell it with the most enthusiasm is me. So if I can’t do it, it’s hard to imagine finding other people to do it more successfully and with more passion. This company is my life force and my responsibility which means that I’m going to have to grow up from a “boy”, to a man. This isn’t a 9-5 job where you get a salary and as long as you do your work, you get paid. You earn the money you work for and it has both its ups and downs. The opportunity that I have though to find myself being part of a family run business is a great experience and I find myself doing things that most people don’t get the chance too. I talk to other business owners as another the business owner. They look at me as a 27 year old kid but I’m starting to feel the sense that I belong. At this point of my life I’ve made significant strides since when I came out of college.

I just have a feeling that something is going to go right over these next few months. I’ve had this feeling before and I remember posting about it, but nothing ever happened. This time I’m throwing it out there again and I can’t explain what it’s like the Phil Collins song where I can feel it coming in the air tonight, except tonight is the “near term future”. Just doesn’t have the same ring to it. I think these posts are good though because they document how I’m feeling at this present time. One day I can look back and read my entire life and see what has actually transpired which I think is pretty neat.