This is a post I’ve been meaning to create for a while but finally got my MSPaint skills good enough to make it happen. One of my thoughts in life is to be as normal as possible. For whatever reason I just perceive a stable job, a wife you love, raising a family, and living a straight (no drugs, no alcohol) life, normal. Now because of this you’ll see my “X” in the upper left of a rational, conservative human being as a place I’d like to be. This is where I believe the “American Dream” would be found. However, I don’t really find this to be 1) obtainable and 2) all that great.

There are all different types of people out there and I think that people fall at every single different point of this chart. Ideally I would like to think that you want to be right smack dab in the middle. Meaning you have your shit together, you have some quirks to you, you know how to have a good time and as Charlie Sheen would put it your “winning.” Charlie would be in the far, bottom right which also proves you can still be anywhere on the chart and still be winning.

Every human has a different make up that makes you, well, you. Some people’s idea of having a good time is going on a date to the movies. Others like to get plastered, go to the bar, and try to pick up some random broad. Others like to cause mischief and destruction. The real point of the chart is that being at any extreme of this chart is probably not where you want to be. I know that I will never be in the upper left hand corner because that just isn’t who I am. I would like to think I’m pretty rational and make good decisions (sober) but if I swore off drinking and decided that I was only going to let myself have this much (sober) fun, it just isn’t me. I can’t change who I am and will never find myself in the upper left. I 100% could never have a drink again for the rest of my life but I’d spend my days being bored. I’d exercise and be healthy and find ways to pass the time but I’d miss out on the socializing and fun that occurs with getting bombed. I think there’s absolutely a difference between treating alcohol with respect and then the way I treat it but that’s something that has to be worked on. Nothing is ever black or white and I think that this chart points out that you want to be in the gray area’s because that’s where “being normal” and having a fun life occur.

I want to discuss the chart in one final burst. The eccentric end of things isn’t necessarily a bad thing. If you are completely kooked out then I think you probably don’t want to be on the far right. Generally this can be achieved through pills and drugs or just being whacko. Being eccentric though isn’t a bad thing because it gives you some uniqueness which is better then the follow the herd mentality. Humans need people who are different to give new perspectives and new ways of thinking. The rational side is for people who just always try to make the best decisions and do what’s right for them. This isn’t exactly the polar opposite of eccentric but it’s only a chart created by me so that’s just the way it is. Conservative would encompass the squares. This would be the follow the herd, don’t make mistakes, stay boring, and succeed on a plain lifestyle. There is nothing wrong with this and I almost envy it to a degree. The wild and crazy is for people who live life with no boundaries and break rules throughout the way. These people are usually hit or miss and most I’d guess, miss. These people are risk takers and just like the eccentric, they are needed for making changes. I think a ton of people fall into this category with most just failing.