So I took a dirt nap literally on Saturday night. Jeff and his band of cronies thought it was a hilarious move to put a “plant” in my bed. Apparently Steve was giving me flowers. Well they uprooted this plant and I woke up on Sunday morning like “why the hell is there a plant in my bed.” I actually think it’s pretty funny and even though my tone would make you think I was mad, I really don’t care except that last night I was sleeping on dirt. That was Saturday night and Jeff and his friends got introduced to the Mad River / Mind Eraser combo that leads to blackouts all around. I remember being at the bar til close and Jeff said that he saw me leave and get into a cab while they ended up walking home which I thought was pretty comical. It shows how concerned I am for other people. I’m sure their journey home was pretty interesting consider there’s a little, tiny, fold em up, chair in our living room. That was a pretty fun night and Friday was sort of a blur.

I got my tooth in on Saturday morning which went off without a hitch. After the dentist we had our football game. Primetime was back and firing on all cylinders which was nice. It’s hilarious because the other teams all have matching shirts and receiving gloves and we show up not knowing what color shirt we are going to wear. We are either blue or white and Evan wears this bright yellow fluorescent shirt which mystifies me a little bit but it must be some reverse psychology in being so identifiable the defense for gets about them. The game was a blow out from the beginning. We started playing a zone defense for the first time and we our holes were much less severe. CK4 lapsed in the zone on one of their first possessions and they scored their only TD. I think we ended with 35 points or so and we pretty much just shut down their offense. I got my 2nd pick of the year and should have been dancing in the end zone but the chump got me at the one. 1 pick could get lucky, 2 could be a fluke, but any more and there is a new island being named. It’s much more fun to win these games then to lose.

My fantasy teams should be 3-1 this week and even a chance at 4-0 if Sanchez and LT get 40+ points. The Turkey’s haven’t officially won but I’m up with 3 guys going and a lead vs Dustin Keller. That’s poised for a 150 week which should be big enough to give me the #1 spot in the league over the She(e)(e). The Nuts beat Bake as long as the Jets don’t give up tons of points. The Mind Erasers also pulled off a solid victory to move me to 3-2 and a winning record in all 4 leagues. I even made some money yesterday with a nice pick of Detroit, Oakland, and the Eagles moneyline. This puts me up about 150 for the season finishing out week 5. This blog is my record keeping for my sports bets so accuracy is in tact.

I didn’t get to watch my TV but I’ll probably catch up and post tonight. I did watch Dexter but I’ll save it for another post because I’m sure everyone cares about my opinions.