So I’m just gonna keep cranking these out because everyone likes an updated blog. I went to the track today in the 100 degree weather and ran a 5:14 mile which I’m pretty pleased with considering the conditions. When I was finished running, I came back to the house and was sitting outside while sweating profusely and I thought of this hilariously clever title which I was so proud of, I decided to make it the title of this post. Now if you’ve read previous posts you’d know that I’m in the middle of watching Party Down on Starz ondemand and it ends on 7/8 (that’s a date for the slow). Now I wasn’t sure if that meant immediately on 7/8 it ends or if you have the entire day of watching it on 7/8. Anyway, it was about 7pm and I had about 6 more episodes of season 2 to watch and it occurred to me this is Party Down Time. Not watching it being the down time and how cleverly it fit into the title. It’s pathetic how these small, retarded things amuse me.

I ended up finishing both seasons which I started last Saturday just in time. I know probably not everyone has watched this show or probably hasn’t even heard of it so you don’t have to read my quick analysis if you don’t want. I thought the shows jokes were intelligent at times while being off the wall at others. I laughed out loud many times throughout the 20 25 minute episodes. The Roman-Kyle duo was hilarious, Ron played the part skillfully, and I really liked the awkwardness between Casey and Henry. The way that Casey and Henry had trouble displaying their emotions to each other was typical of real life. All in all I just thought it was a great show and watching it in 5 days is the best way to watch any series.

I think what type of TV you watch displays what kind of a person you are. If you like network TV series I would probably stereotype you as not much of a party-er, likes reading, likes sports, likes boring things like walks and going out for coffee. Aside from Family Guy, Seinfeld, and Two and Half Men when there has to be absolutely nothing else on, I find it too… cleaned up. I’m sure there are great crime dramas and good shows but they just aren’t my type. I need action, profanity, crazy shit to happen. The Wire, Weeds, Californication, True Blood, Entourage. Real life, not this watered down sissy bullshit where people laugh just because some cackling audience is laughing in the background (I’m just guessing on that). Now how does my personality differ from what I stereotyped the Network viewer. I drink to much, I actually do like to read believe it or not, funny jokes to me are like “Okay, if he won’t sign, I’ll fire a bazooka up his ass, and take a giant shit down the bazooka hole!” I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with people who watch Network TV, it’s actually probably the opposite for people who can’t watch it, but I think there are two types of laughter’s, the chuckle from a lame joke of Network, and the die laughing on the floor from Party Down.

I sometimes have trouble switching topics so I just insert a line like this to set the record straight. I’ve been feeling really good recently, sobriety I know. My mind works a little better and I just feel better in general. I’m going to a Phillies game tomorrow which is somewhat ironic if you’ve read my past post. I’m just a spectator though without too much interest in the game so it’s really just about the experience. It’ll be a good distraction from Mad River Thursdays and I’ll feel good at work on Friday which should be nice. I’m also working up to the Phil’s 5k next Wed and then the 10k Mud Run next Sunday. If you visit my blog and have any interest, let me know. This also gives me some incentive to not get too lit this weekend which is probably a good thing. Business has been steady and it feels good to be productive again.