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I never liked pooping in public. This video holds true with me. If I 100% have no other choice, I will make it happen. This is usually when explosive diarrhea is imminent or a wet fart has me nervous enough to check. There’s something about the social nature of pooping that disturbs me. In college I used to find the best bathrooms that never had any people in them and take 30 minute shits in between classes while I read the Pitt news. This type of public I have no problem with. If I was at a sporting event, the hustle and bustle of dozens of people surrounding me while I do my business is where I start feeling uncomfortable. It works the same way with a pee trough. If I’m boozing hard I never have a problem peeing but if I was sober and sort of had to pee in a trough, I’d get nervous and quit. Or fake it and quit.

Public pooping though was always a no-no for me because of the lines. The idea of someone waiting for me to finish deucing so they can occupy it after me is gross. This works the same way with me waiting for someone to finish because I would never want to be that near a strangers fresh process. Plus public restrooms always have mysterious water all over the seat. Bring a port-a-potty into the mix and forget about it. This is the all time combination of nastiness and people waiting. Figured I’d share my public pooping knowledge to accompany the video.

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  1. jkash December 13, 2013 at 10:15 pm

    that video is a spot on representation of using the bathroom in an office.

    by the way, stop using ” ‘s ” to indicate a plurality. want to make “shit” plural? shits. that’s an egregious error for a blogger like yourself.

  2. Tom Stortz December 14, 2013 at 1:43 pm

    I appreciate the compliment. Now I’m officially a “blogger”.

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