Digging Out of a Hole

trafficLet’s chalk one up to Rnningfool.  The last post managed 9 comments (2 by me) and 16 likes on Facebook which has to be a record.  Jess Baker even acknowledged that she liked the Shark Tank post I wrote which makes me happy because I took a while to write it.  With the site performing as average as possible, it’s nice to get some interaction with people.  Yes, I had to post the link on Facebook and plead with people to like it but it worked.

referralsThe referrals are also worth looking at to see where the traffic comes from.  Organic Google traffic sent about 3,054 people this month and direct traffic is 1,045 (This chart does not show this).    Google traffic is mainly people finding random pages I’ve created over the years so it’s not that relevant.  Also noteworthy is that Gourlay’s Goodies has not sent a single person to my website.  Welcome back!  Sam sent me 67 satisfied viewers.

kardashian13f-2-webDeciphering the stats is fun for me because it shows concrete data of what I’m doing.  It’s work being graded.  I’ve always been a B student and I’m pretty much getting B marks.  I have a good feel for what I’m doing but I haven’t exploded with a Kim K ass pic that breaks the internet.  Considering I have virtually no talent and nothing of interest, this will take some serious thinking.

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Rnningfool Speaks

I feel that the time has come for a new era of this blog. The reach of this blog is disappointing and it’s time for new, fresh ideas to take rnningfool.com into the future. I have been working intently with SEO optimization and believe that this will help traffic moving forward. HOWEVER, this isn’t enough to generate the buzz I’m looking for. I am a progressive person and constantly trying to improve on what I do. A definitive goal has been set which is “to reach 1,000 hits in a single day.” This will require an active website that will be updated more frequently and with better content. I am asking you, yes you behind the keyboard & monitor, for help. Either suggestions that could make this blog better or perhaps even material that I would be delighted to share. JKash does send me things from time to time which I haven’t acted on but sometimes I’m not sure how to create an entire post dedicated to Vontaze Burfict pointing at Matt Barkley. The only way for me to reach this goal is to have a collective effort from my readers. I can’t do it myself. A good indicator of the future of this blog is how many “GOOD” comments this post generates.

0-1 – Hope is minimal
2-3 – We stand a chance
3-4 – People are actually reading these posts
5+ – Ain’t no stopping us now

Vontaze Burfict Pointing At Matt Barkley

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Come A Long Way

I just read my old blog and I must seriously give myself a pat on the back. I read some of those entries and they are horrible. If you’ve stuck with this blog since the beginning I seriously applaud your dedication because those posts were so raw. They were about the same thing week after week: basketball, TV, drinking, and gambling. That’s still the same things I do now but I feel like I have a bit more control of my life and my posts are much more thought out. I think I’m in a far superior spot today than I was 5 years ago. I’m not sure if it’s just getting older or if it’s possible I’m getting smarter. Let me give an example of how my life is moving more towards normalcy.

I put in 4 days of work and then on Friday went to a job site where I took video of contractors using our products. This took me til 6pm and I drove back from Baltimore in terrible traffic. I got back at 9 or so and then went to sleep. I woke up at 7am on a SATURDAY, worked out, ate breakfast and then met a guy to fix our phones at the company and then met another guy for an hour and a half about work related business. I played in a football game at 1pm and then had a few drinks after the game. I shaved off my beard while drinking some Founders variety pack and then fell asleep again at 9pm. I awoke at 11 or so and decided to stay in and wake up early to hang out with CK4 during the marathon. I woke up at 7am on a SUNDAY and ate some breakfast, blogged some shit and then started drinking and playing ping-pong at 9am. This weekend would never take place in my younger years. This was something of an almost responsible weekend. Honestly, what the hell is going on?

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Tweet Tweet Tweet

@rnningfool is now a part of twitter. I actually opened an account years ago but never used it. This is purely experimental and I have been anti-tweet for a long time. I personally don’t know what to expect from twitter but I’m pretty honest that I try anything popular. I’ve read Harry Potter, watched Twilight, listen to Gaga, and now I’m going to start tweeting. I’m a band wagon junkie. I think having an open mind is important to success. What kind of success? Well I can’t really answer that but I’m sure that establishing a twitter following certainly couldn’t hurt my blog traffic. Call me a sell out but I’ll see if I can amuse an audience on twitter. Who knows, maybe I’ll even enjoy it. I also don’t understand the @ part at all.

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The evolution

I stumbled upon my very first blog entry which I wrote in July of 05′, that’s almost 5 years ago. It’s actually pretty funny because it’s after I graduated college and you’ll see that not much has changed.

“You’d think that it would be impossible for someone who doesn’t do anything to create a blog, but you’d be wrong. Lately I’ve been playing a lot of online poker, not always successfully but I’m sure in future posts I’ll be complaining about bad beats or raving about how good I am. I’m not sure who would read this thing but I figure if I put it in my profile some unlucky soul’s curiosity will get the better of them. A few things about me are that I am competitive and will bet on practically anything, who knows maybe a professional gambler is in my future. I graduated Pitt with a degree in Finance so I’m intending on opening up a online trading account so I’ll write about my brilliant stock picks in the future. I like to drink mainly rum and cokes, gin and tonic’s, and can drink a plethora of beer. I’m a big fan of good beer, specifically lagers, like red stripe or harp. I like to play basketball, I compare myself to Charles Barkley down low except that I’m not big or black. I’m training for a marathon in November and my longest run in the past 4 years has been 5 miles. I figured I’ll get in shape in the next few months but I wish running didn’t make you so tired so I wouldn’t dislike it so much. That’s pretty much it for now, If you read this and think it’s stupid I really don’t care so keep your dimwitted comments to yourself.”

It’s funny because I never even got close to the marathon and everything I did then I still do now. Scary that I’ve had no evolution and have stuck to my roots.

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The blogosphere

I spent some time trying to network this blog a little bit by signing up to some blogging sites and registering with google and yahoo. So I just googled rnningfool and broke into tears when I saw my link come up first with that description. So I obviously put that in there but I didn’t really expect it to be displayed like that. Nevertheless, I’ll monitor traffic coming into the blog. I was also trying to set up an rss feed within wordpress so people could click on the google link and have my blog updates added to their google homepage. I’m sure I will eventually figure it out but the idea of people caring enough about my homepage to set this up sort of freaks me out because I don’t really crave attention. It’s not really that I want people to come to my site but it’s more a challenge to me to see how many people I can actually get. Sure there is the possibility that you’ll have thousands and thousands of people visit and then you can sell ad space, but this is merely a pipe dream.

I actually posted in a forum asking for some advice on maybe how to make the site look nicer or things I could improve on and got some interesting thoughts. Someone commented on a theme. So people actually will take something like LPGA golfers and devote a site entirely to them. If you’ve ever heard of “the best site in the universe” (google it if you don’t) this guy doesn’t have a theme. He just writes whatever he thinks and it’s hysterical. That’s my plan. No ads, just 100% my mind at work. I was also informed that I’m violating copyright laws with the pictures I put up. So be it, if I’m asked to remove them I will. I may however be trying to take this to the next level with more research and more time spent on it. I basically am looking for something to do so maybe this will fit nicely into my schedule.

I watched Yes Man tonight with Jim Carrey. I wouldn’t recommend it. He’s a bit older now and still does the same Ace Ventura bits. The movie was average but I actually like the idea of saying yes to everything. It would make for a more interesting experiencing. If you forced yourself to say yes when someone told you to dance with some chick or talk to the hottie by the bar, instead of thinking you’ll look stupid or acting like a pussy, you just do it. Maybe it’s worth a try. Other than that though, we have our last chance at catching a W in our bball league. We are 0-4 and the 2 games at the end are automatic L’s. The league is just filled with basketball players and we are just people playing basketball. Big difference in men’s leagues.

I’m waking up at 6:45 (it’s 2am now) to go see a property that we can potentially move the business to. My dad is looking at putting the building on the market within the next week or two so that will be a big deal for a while. If the building gets sold quickly for what my dad is looking for (it won’t is my guess), it will be a significant life changing event. I’ll have to wait and see. I actually enjoy these sober days because I’ve worked out (4 miles in 23:20) and am feeling good compared to weekend hangovers. I’m healthy and have little to complain about. Just waiting for something to happen.

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