I Want To Go To The MOON!

I almost feel that the sub-titles are made up but it’s hilarious. Stop investing in Shit Coins!

This guy is the happiest guy on Earth in November until…Bitconnect suspended all trading last week.

Also a funny video about Bitcoin:

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Weekend Recovery

After that post I wrote last Tuesday about alcohol, I spent the weekend on the wrong side of alcohol. Nothing “bad” happened, but didn’t feel great yesterday. Needing a break.

In other news, my Snapchat’s aren’t nearly as adventurous as this maniac who did some pull ups on a 62 story building.

I thought it was a gag but I guess not.

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Stortz-McGrath Bball

The footage of these games was quite good. I understand not many people will sit through 45 minutes of 2v2, for lack of a better word, ugly, basketball, but it’s still entertaining.

I don’t have many comments on the game. It’s all in the footage and you can make your own opinions. We can’t shoot for shit and can’t get a rebound. There isn’t much more to write.

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Jack Ma’s Advice

I watched the first 2 minutes and will watch it all later. I’m mainly posting it on the blog for myself, so I don’t forget to watch it.

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You Know What…I Don’t Want This Cookie. I Just Want To Get To The Beach.

This is up there with my favorite video I’ve witnessed online. Watch this human being act in bizarre manner after being caught trying to meet up with an underage girl.

There’s too much gold in this video.

  • GenericWhiteMale is definitely a top screen name if I’ve ever heard one.
  • His “what, no way”, is acting at its finest at 1:15.
  • The “I don’t want this cookie anymore” is the most out of this world response to what is going down.
  • His falling down the steps adds insult to probable injury.

These videos produce comment gems as well.

I didn’t know you had to go through people’s houses to get to the beach.

Who is this hunk and how do I get a body like his?

”Waaaaaaaaayyyyyyyy waaaayyy waayy”

At :42 of this video, he asks where are you coming from? The answer, “Waaaaaaaaayyyyyyyy waaaayyy waayy” is classic.

I just went to get something to eat!

This guy has issues.

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Facts Don’t Care About Your Feelings

I’ve taken a liking to videos of Ben Shapiro (Jewish) and Gavin McInnes (Scottish) who are as far right as you get. The videos that I’ve been watching are these guys tackling the far left, SJW’s, privileged snow flakes, antifa, and feminists. They are major advocates of facts, free speech and taking responsibility. Here are few clips that I agree with.

Why Are Americans Soft?

The Sound Effects & Pop Ups Are Great. Triggered!

Feminists – Stay Away!

I Don’t Agree With All Of This, But It’s Fun To Watch

Watch Gavin McInnes Destroy This Woman (found this on the abuse category on Pornhub)

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