The Lamps @ Dereks

I’m just going to refer to Jkash’s gf as the Lamps because I don’t think people appreciate being named by my blog. I try to use nicknames for any human references just to protect people. Hell, I even try to keep my name out here as much as possible. So the Lamps comes from the video below at about 2:57 when the guy needs someone to “bring an Amber-Lamps.”

Anyway Jka$h came over last night at about 9 or so and explained me to the secret to maintaining a good blog, “write about JKa$h.” We’ll give it a try. JKash starts pounding beers immediately as he comes over and then him, Bake, and I went to a Lamps friend to pregame for a bit before going to her Birthday party at a bar called Derek’s in Manayunk. Her friends place is pretty narrow but virtually spotless and pretty well kept. The Lamps friends are more sophisticated then us and instead of drinking games people stood around and talked. I took a few shots and then Bake made a vodka and sprite pretty strong and I think that loosened him up a little. We went to Derek’s at 11 or so and we had a few drinks and mingled a little bit. Derek’s upstairs was more narrow hallways but it wasn’t overly crowded which was fine. Bake was talking more than usual due to the alcohol and was explaining to me that money isn’t the key to life and that he actually likes giving back to the community as he says. It’s also hilarious too because he pays for things like he owes me something. He bought pizza earlier in the night and then bought me a drink. JKash also got ripped on 2 mind erasers, that he also paid for me for, for like 18 bucks and they were served in a tall, thin champagne glass which was completely absurd for 9 bucks each. In complete weasel move by me, after letting these guy buy my drinks and instead of getting them back, I was pretty drunk at this point and just sketched out without telling anybody and then went to Mad River to see Greengenes play. I can’t really explain why I just shade out without telling anyone but it has to do with getting too drunk and then just making decisions that seem rational at the time. Mad River was packed and I was there by myself which isn’t as awkward as you’d think when you are completely hammered. I watched Greengenes play their final set and there was just a barrage of pussy who love the lead singer. I remember being part of a crowd of girls but the place is just so packed it’s hard to really move. I ended buying a late night sausage from Kate and Nick and then went back by myself. All in all it was a good night and with CK4 and Evan away for the weekend, I’m all alone. We’ll see what happens tonight.

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Ck4 and I went to see B.O.B last night at Mad River. It was a $20 dollar cover charge and we got there at 8:30. They had $.99 coors lights til 11 so that made up for the expensive cover. I probably had like 10 cheap drafts and it was pretty empty til 11 or so. People started to fill in and B.O.B arrived at 11:30. Lauren was getting me relatively cheap drinks and I think I had only one Mind Eraser. I did a video blog last night so that can probably shed some light on exactly what happened but there was this one freak girl who was pretty hot but was dancing like a whore and she was my initial girl to go after. However, there was a change of plans and I started dancing with her friend. In hindsight, I should have just made a move with this girl because as I think back, she was pretty much perfect. She couldn’t have weighed more than 100 lbs and I remember putting my arms around her waist and just thinking I could lift her above my head if I wanted. I pretty much grinded on her backside for a half hour or so and she was dancing like a freak so everything was going fine but then her friend is by herself and things just dissipated. I ended up leaving shortly after due to this little problem that I had to work the next day but I can’t forget the hotness of this girl. I have to blame my inability to close the deal on this one but she was probably a college girl and if I would have stayed out til 2, I would still be in bed right now. B.O.B was moderately exciting and had a huge entourage but it made for a decent show and a reason to go out on a Tuesday.

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Manayunk Bar Review from a Drunk

So I believe this post should be my most acclaimed work. I’ve lived in Manayunk for 2+ years now and I consider myself to be a pretty distinguished alcoholic. So, my opinion should be well respected on what bars I consider good and why I don’t visit other bars. If you are reading this and questioning anything, I am designating these opinions as absolute truth coming from my views first hand. In no particular order:

Kildares – Once upon a time this was my bar of choice. Although I’m not a huge fan of the interior, this bar provided a very good drinking atmosphere and generated a nice girl / guy ratio with good looking girls on weekends. As a bar to drink at during the weekdays, I find the bar to be oddly shaped and the specials usually aren’t that special. To give you an idea, Wednesday boasts $3 blue moon, $3 u-call-its and $3.50 corona’s (8-10). Let me break this down: Blue Moon is an oddball beer that shouldn’t be the special, u-call its cost the bar .50 cents tops and Corona’s should be 3.50 on the reg so I don’t see what’s so special. Friday and Saturday they offer $3 Coors and $3 Bud light. With these specials I can run up a 20 dollar tab and barely catch a buzz. When I think special, I want a cheap price so I can get loaded for little cash. They also promote “NO COVER!” on a THURSDAY. No shit I don’t want to pay cover on a Thursday, that shouldn’t be an advertising piece. I also cringe every time I have to pay a cover for a DJ. I understand bands cost a lot of money and I will pay cover but a DJ? Another problem with this place is that it’s hard to get the right amount of people to make it fun. The space is pretty limited so if they get a big crowd it’s too crowded and at times it can be dead and it’s spacey and not fun. The dance floor is also a weird little area because it’s really compact so you are always on top of each other. I’m certainly not bashing the place because it is set up nicely but if I were to give some suggestions, give 1-2 dollar drink specials (domestics or the light beers) during happy hours and then raise the price when people get in the door. The food is a little suspect but I’ve had their wings and I really like their house special sauce. I give this bar a 6.5 with room to improve but not awful.

The Bayou – Read my review here

Bourbon Blue – I have mixed feelings on Boubon Blue. I feel like it tries to cater to and upscale / professional crowd which makes it come off as “not fun.” I prefer this layout to a bar like Kildare’s but this place can get really crowded and make it so you can’t get a drink. This is my main issue with this place. The upstairs bar is a half oval so it limits the amount of people the bartenders can serve. They also have chairs in front so you are always leaning over people to get drinks. With tables behind the front bar, it just makes for a tight drink getting process. Plus when it’s crowded they should have more than 2 bartenders (I don’t go there enough to know how they handle this). They do have bands on occasion and they’ll play in the downstairs area which is a pretty good place for a dance floor. The bar on the downstairs can also be a nuisance to get a drink at if it’s too crowded. This another bar where I think they specials aren’t very special but like I said, they cater to a “higher class” crowd then your neighborhood drunk. Example, Monday-Thurs $3 drafts, $3 dollar olive drinks, Friday’s $3 Coors… I don’t see any real specials on that menu which makes me think the owner is thinking about his wallet and not the customer. They opened a deck outside which is nice and the food is decent. It’s sort of hit or miss. I do like the one bartender Heather though because she’s always nice to me. Overall, another 6.5, decent but can be improved on.

Pitchers – Your hole in the wall bar that I’m sure has it’s regulars. I don’t visit here to frequently but it can get cramped if there are too many people. I’ve watched a UFC fight or two but I’m not sure if that’s still the case. I’m sure the prices are right but it’s probably not my ideal location for a night on the town. No rating because I don’t go there.

Manayunk tavern- I been inside this location one time. I can’t explain it but this bar isn’t for me. I feel like it consists of preps and people who think they are better than you. I have nothing to base this off of and will leave it at that.

Brew Pub – A fan favorite among girls for some reason. I have my gripes of course. It’s a very big place which can accommodate a shitload of people. They have bands play in a room downstairs, which is way too tight and when it’s nice out they sometimes play outside which is pretty fun. When it comes to atmosphere this place really takes the cake. A can’t really find any faults with their set up as they have adequate room for standing or sitting. What I can find faults with is their prices and their beer. The two actually go hand in hand. To my knowledge they don’t offer and low price alternative to their house brewed beer. Which means you pay 5 bucks for a Corona or 5 bucks for their beer. As a person who has tried tons of beer, I find theirs to be extremely good. It’s high alcohol content and I really get bombed off their IPA and their Manayunk Lager is top notch. However, I don’t like being forced to drink their beer and I find their ten dollar double rum and cokes to be extreme. The drink costs less than a dollar to make, cut the consumer some slack. Also what is with the bathroom attendant? They make me want to not wash my hands just so I can bypass feeling sorry for the attendant I’m not giving a dollar to. The place also has a lot of stairs which is pretty dangerous if you are too wasted. I always find the upstairs layout to be a bit unusual for some reason but I can’t put my finger on it. The sushi bar is an interesting addition and the food is probably decent. On a how the business is set up I’d give it an 8.5, my fun factor there for some reason settles at about a 6.

US hotel – I only visit this bar when it’s 1:00 am or later and I am walking back to my apt. So everytime I’m here I’m already wasted but I enjoy it. The lager on draft is usually the best I have in Manayunk. They do the cold glass with cold beer and it’s like magic in a glass. It’s not huge in size and there’s not much to do other than talk but I like the inside and this bar serves it’s purpose. No negative comments because it delivers what it should, a bar to get drunk at.

Mad River – The final destination on my bar guide. If you have been reading this blog you’d know that this is my bar of choice. I pretty much consider this place the black out haven of Manayunk. I’ve probably been kicked out of here, honestly and not surprisingly, I don’t remember how many times. The best part is, they still let me back in. Plus the employees there actually like me which is just as mind boggling. This bar has good specials on most nights. 99 cent drafts on Tues, $2 Coors lights on Wed, $1 Bud Lights on Thurs. Yes they are only for specified times but that’s OK because I’m trying to get drunk early so I don’t have to spend money when they raise the price to regular prices. Their regular prices are actually too high in my opinion but honestly when you have a place as big as theirs, I’m sure the rent is pricey (assuming they don’t own it). The set up is spacious and with something like 6 different bars/stations, no ones having problems getting alcohol which leads to a fun atmosphere and a lot of people trying to get laid. The bars are all very big with plenty of bartenders. As a guy, I prefer hot girl bartenders and this place doesn’t disappoint. I would assume these girls are the highest paid bartenders in the area and they dress to kill. Even the food is ok. Plus I never have a problem going to the bathroom because of lines. This bar obviously gets my highest rating in Manyaunk due to atmosphere, service, price (during specials), and general fun factor. Whether I throw up a 9 or 10, it is in poker terms, the nuts.

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Door Opening and Tix

When it’s two guys together and there is a door to open, it’s not OK for one of the guys to open the door for the other guy. The proper procedure is for the guy in front to open the door, walk through, and then push the door open after he has walked through it to show courtesy. Unless your a homo, you don’t open doors for regular guy friends.

So tonight seems like another get fucked up night which I’m somewhat regretting because I plan on day drinking tomorrow. Now I don’t have so much of a problem drinking tonight, waking up, and then doing more drinking in the afternoon. I know I’m physically capable of performing that but the difference lies in the functionality of my body when comparing two situations. If I didn’t drink tonight and started to drink at noon tomorrow, I could probably steadily drink for 8+ hours and I’d be able to remember the majority. However, if I get lit tonight, then I’ll wake up at noon still feeling drunk and the first couple beers will immediately regenerate the buzz, thus leaving me with less drinking time and a much higher blackout chance. It’s a catch-22 because staying in on Friday’s is lame but I’m running a risk of getting out of hand on Saturday, we’ll see.

I also want to post that if you are planning on going to Riverpalooza and you read my blog and you don’t have tickets to get in, you can call me and I have a few extra that I’ll happily sell you at a discount compared to paying full price at the door. I find these outside, afternoon events are great fun because everyone, literally everyone, is getting wasted and is in good spirits. My # is 215-694-2438 so you can either text or call me and I should be able to help you out.

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Thursday Mad River

Traffic to this blog has been up lately so I just want to thank people for viewing it. It was Chad’s idea to thank the readers but he added that he doesn’t like giving credit to anyone other than the creator which is fine. This is going to be a quick entry because I don’t have much going on but Big Steve and Ed came over to get a first hand look at Mad River Thursday’s. Much to my chagrin the crowd was pretty lame and the girls were slim pickens. We did do a few mind erasers and on my way back I got a hot sausage and cheese fries. The women who works there sees me wasted most weekend nights so she accommodated me with a free soda (wa-hoo). Not to much to go into detail with other than it was a pretty standard night. I woke up with a moderately bad feeling but I feel ok now. I just wanted to post something because the more you post, the more people visit.

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No blackout?

So I pretty much had a weekend where I didn’t black out and I must pat myself on the back. Going about weekends like this is far superior than the alternative. Both nights I was golfing earlier so that delayed my drinking time til at least 9 which is what proved to be effective. Just to harp on this for a second, I was 97 both rounds and Chad beat me by 2 each day and I think he’s surprised that he beats me but all I can say is that it’s just a round of golf and when I play the game, that’s what I’m doing, there’s no real feeling of competition when I play golf. If I get a snowy on a hole, c’est la vie. I’m way too inconsistent to feel like a good golfer and one of these days it will come together. On a side note I did beat him in beer pong 4-2 and then he beat me 2-1. Our 1v1 games are usually pretty epic and winning means something. I will also add that I drank 13 beers during these 1v1 matches in a 2 hour period just to give everyone an idea of how to consume alcohol.

On Friday night we went to Mad River and Frost said he could drink more mind erasers than me and obviously I don’t back down from someone calling me out on my drink of choice. One of my favorite bartenders were working there so we were getting reasonable prices and ended up doing 7 mind erasers before close. I will give Frost some credit for hanging because that was a nice display of being an alcoholic. I was trying to make some moves but the girls weren’t having it. I went up to one and told her “you are the prettiest girl in the room” and even that didn’t work. We went to the Brew Pub the next night and I just find that talking to girls is like pulling teeth sometimes. I initiate the conversation, I ask relevant questions and these girls are just like “stop inconveniencing me.” I’m thinking, I have a job, I’m in shape, I’m even willing to talk to you, what are you looking for? So I ended up fine both nights and actually had a decent time so I’m happy that I successfully drank without blacking out both nights. This is a rare Sunday post so stay tuned for Monday and I’ll start the week right.

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So I went to the bar saying that I was only going to have 2 beers and 2 mind erasers. By 10pm I think I exceeded that. Mad River hired one of the prettiest girls I’ve ever laid eyes on and I made it a point to only order from her. She didn’t know what a mind eraser was but at least she was attentive when someone needed something. I had to say to the one other girl “do you see me standing here?” and even that didn’t get it done. I’ve become a mind eraser snob and if they don’t pour the drink right I’m just not happy. I really want to see 3 layers to my mind eraser and if it’s all mixed up, I feel as if they should redo it. Towards the end of the night I thought that J-Smashed was pretty hammered but the guy can recover on a moments notice. He went from swaying around to making some moves on some female in a about 2 seconds. The band was pretty good and even though I didn’t make any worthwhile moves, it was still a decent night.

I also signed up at and started watching some videos from Phil Galfond. I deposited on Stars again too so I’ll be putting some time towards poker to try to eke out a profit to pay for my now expensive mouth. I won’t bore with poker details though. The 10k is on Sunday and I plan on not doing anything this weekend. Like literally staying inside my room and not getting myself into any trouble. I’ll probably play poker and read my book which is probably a nice change of pace from what I’m used to doing. I’ll even feel good come Monday. This will also mean some weekend posts so stay tuned.

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Bike Race and Chaos

So this has been one of the best weekends I’ve had in a long time. Pretty much the most fun you can have without getting laid. I have shout outs, call outs and thank yous galore for the people involved to make this weekend awesome. I tried something a bit different this weekend to make things turn out better and that was to start drinking later. On Friday I made it to 8:15 before consuming any alcohol and 7:15 on Saturday. This led to me being functional for the majority of the weekend and remembering most things. I scored some girls number on Friday night, who I said I would take on a date but I’m considering otherwise at no fault of her own. I really wonder what she’s thinking though because I remember asking her name at least 10 times and when she asked me if I knew it I had no idea. I remember telling her I loved her glasses and I think that’s what did it.

We had a weak game in softball on Saturday because the other team was only playing two outfielders. I give Evan some props for standing in there against me pitching overhand which abruptly ended when I beaned him in the back. I personally would never stand in there with me throwing hard. Saturday night was fun too as we had a plethora of siblings over. We got a keg and everything worked out fine. After a couple of shots of Yager with DB and many many games of flip cup I made it to the bar but was pretty wasted. I also want to note that I lost 1v1 vs Kat but beat Jill so I’m looking for a rematch because I don’t like losing to girls. I had a girl sleep in my bed on Saturday but I’m going to be completely honest and say that I have no idea how she got there.

Sunday was really the day of choice though as it was the Manayunk bike race. I’m actually smarter than most people think surprisingly. I collected 24 bike race tickets prior to the bike race because the bartenders have a quota so they are looking to sell the tickets for drink deals. I specifically sent my favorite bartender this link so she can understand my appreciation of her service. If you read this you are easily one of the nicest people I’ve met and I thank you for feeding my desire for alcohol. My thought in the morning was that I might have some difficulty getting rid of that many bike race tickets but much to my surprise, this was not the case. Big props to Wagon for helping me sell the tickets and I think we collected about 200+ dollars for them all. I really don’t feel bad about it at all because I’ve literally given Mad River thousands upon thousands of dollars and I have to be one of the best customers. It’s kind of like Cheers where everybody “knows your name.” There’s one bartender there who gets really annoyed with me because I always ask her the same questions but I this point I think she understands it’s kind of a joke and she’s starting to give in to my likability. My favorite part of selling the tickets was Chad and I walking up to some people and them being really skeptical about the deal and Chad was just like “fuck you, we’ll sell them to someone else” and the guy instantly caved. So that part of the day was a success.

When I woke up on Sunday I had about 4 beers before I left to go to Mad River but when I got there I wasn’t in my best drinking shape but that changed after a few hours. Once we found the best bartender the Mind Erasers occurred and shit started to get out of control. I literally must have grinded on about 10 different girls who I pretty much didn’t give an option to saying no. There were tons of hot girls there and I think I have to agree with Chad and say that they should have that every Sunday cause I would be there every time. I have a couple of random numbers that I don’t really remember getting but I’ll probably give them a call to see what I was up to. I have two bbm’s from Jkash, one that says “Where are you” and then another one 10 minutes later that says “Where the fuck are you” so I would think it was probably around 7:30ish that I went back to Green lane. Major shout out to Jkash who was my right hand man all day and drinking like a champ. At night, I was definitely close to passed out mode but I still drank a beer just in spite of Mallory who secretly loves me even though she acts otherwise. I woke up at 3:30am on the couch and feeling like death. I went to my bed and when I woke up at 7:00 today. I was hurting but not feeling horrible. I actually had a physical scheduled today and I’m 5-11 and 172 pounds which is reasonably fit and I’m just hoping all the alcohol today doesn’t skew the blood test results. The nurse told me to put on a gown and I was like no fucking way am I wearing this piece of shit gown. That pretty much concludes what I went through over the past couple days.

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I know I had my “game over” post but I really think it’s a good idea to give anyone who reads this an understanding of what I put myself through each weekend and why game over posts tend to occur. I can’t really speak for last Friday because I passed out at 10:30 after losing 7-1 in beer pong to the Wagon. We play 2 beers a game and I think we played for 2-3 hours straight with overtimes involved. The two of us ended up killing a 30 pack. I made a rookie mistake and didn’t eat any dinner which played poorly on the longevity of the night. This goes hand in hand with going out on Thursday and probably having 7 beers and a mind eraser. When that much alcohol is consumed, my stomach doesn’t want to eat food and thus messes me up for the next day. I have to process all the liquid first and then anything I can fit in my stomach is usually not much. This brings me to Saturday and the demise of my self. I woke up feeling fine after a good nights sleep from passing out early.

On Saturday, my drinking begun at 2:30 for the start of the Flyers game. I think I had 4-5 beers during the game. Then I had 3 twisted teas and 2 IPA’s from a specialty case I bought earlier. I almost like the twisted teas as they are a change from beer even though I don’t really feel like a man for drinking them. At this time it’s probably 8pm and I’ve had around 10 drinks spaced well throughout the day. My eating was fairly minimal during this time. A few people came over and I would guess that I had 6 or so beers during the drinking games we played for 2 hours. Then I did 2 beer bongs, lost both to girls, and had some shot mixed in there. At this point it’s 11 and it’s time to go to the bar. I’m obviously pretty buzzed at this point but still functioning. I remember trying to get some bike race tickets from this bartender I’ve met a few times and she was trying to charge me full price so I wasn’t having that. I ended up getting 2 single rum and cokes from here and decided to change my ways. After that I starting getting Double’s from Lauren and that is the end of the night for me. Chad said I wasn’t home by 1:45 and I’m sure I was pounding drinks throughout the process. This is in no way bragging about how much alcohol I consume but probably more like a cry for help. I drank for 12 hours straight, no breaks, constant drinking and somehow made it back safe. I probably did some things to embarrass myself in those last few hours but I honestly can’t remember so I’m not too worried about it. I also somehow have acquired about 10 bike race tickets through my fascination with the bartender and seeing how many I can get.

I wake up on Sunday feeling like death. My motor skills are in question as I’m stammering around the living room and finding it difficult to sit on the couch properly. My stomach is filled with liquid and there is no food consumption possible at this point. This feeling lasted me the whole day as I was only able to down 2 hot dogs and a half a cheese steak for the entire day. I was alive while playing golf but to say I can bring my A game under those conditions is laughable. A side note, I did get a new driver and some of the distance on those drives would rival some pros. I played about mid 90 golf but shot a 103 with two 9’s and a ten on 3 of the last 5 holes.

The feeling of terribleness doesn’t leave on Monday either. This is more than a 24 hours recovery time from that much alcohol. I didn’t have any breakfast and then ate half of a salad for lunch, 3 waffles for dinner. Finally at 11pm today I was able to put down a some real food. That is what I put myself through most weekends. There is no good that comes from it only the pain and suffering and wondering why I do such a thing to my body. So when you read this understand that I’m not your usual drinker who can have 6-12 beers and call it a night. My problems lie far and beyond the scope of most people. When you see game over posts, I’m not referring to my life as finishing but my mental capacity is not there. I write this so if you see me in one of these drunken binges, most likely you aren’t seeing the real me but an out of control teetotaler who finds nothing better to do with his free time than drink. Sad but true.

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Dinner and M.R

I went to dinner with my mom and brother yesterday and my mom likes to bring up the subject of me getting a girlfriend. I’m gonna have to quote Sam on this one for my thoughts on the subject “I don’t think I want a girlfriend, and even if I did, I don’t think I could get one.” I’m pretty picky when it comes to girls that I would consider going out with sober. This differs greatly from girls that I would hook up with when I’m drunk. It’s kind of annoying in one sense because whenever you get asked to things like weddings and you don’t have anyone to go with, you just come off as a goofball. However, being able to do whatever you want without having to rely on anyone else has it’s advantages. No one to tell you not to do things and if you do something embarrassing you are only embarrassing yourself and not the duo. My brother went to visit his “girlfriend” in Pittsburgh this weekend and I said something to the effect “there’s no way in hell I travel 5 hours for a girl for no other reason than to see her.” Jkash made the point that if sex is guaranteed than it makes sense. However, if that’s the case, I’m pretty sure you can talk to some random bro at the drafting room and go to the Pink Elephant to find a coked up whore who will jerk you off for 40 bucks or sit on your dick for hundred. The bottom line correlates to what I wrote in my last post, I’m at the end of my youthful years and I plan to enjoy them for every little bit that it’s worth and if a girlfriend is going to bog me down, I have no interest. I’m sure there are plenty of girls who are easy going and would put up with my shit but I don’t like the idea of having a vested interest in someone else’s life unless I’m actually committed to it.

We went to Mad River last night and Jkash couldn’t get a taxi so I was creepily standing in a bar with not many people in it for about 10 minutes by myself. It wasn’t too weird but you put off a strange vibe when you are standing there not talking to anyone. I just can’t see myself as one of those guys who goes to a bar by themselves and drinks. I’d probably just stay in a room watching TV getting hammered if I wanted to do that. They have one smoking bartender there who Jon actually got her number last night. I write actually because he had skeptical thoughts on whether she was sincere or not but nonetheless, I’m impressed. Another tidbit, I gave the bartender a 10 for a bud light and he gave me back 18. I obviously didn’t say anything but I returned the favor by buying two bike race tickets for 20 bucks and he also gave me 2 beers which I negotiated as part of the deal. That brings my total to 3 bike race tickets although I’m not really sure how I came about the first one. If anyone has any interest in going I’d be happy to give you a ticket. A final interesting observation from last night was that we ordered 2 mind erasers and the girl didn’t know how to make them so she asked some bro. The bro said “I made these for you last time and didn’t make them right and you spazzed out.” I’m thinking, from my memory this is the first time I’ve ever seen you in my life so I must have been pretty fucked up before. So he gets some tips on how to make them (Kahlua, vodka, and club soda for the noobs) and proceeds to use Grey Goose for the vodka. If you know anything about bars, bartenders use the cheap shit for all drinks unless you specify you want something different and then they charge you extra. I just found it very unusual that a guy who remembers me from a time I was blacked out and I must have said I didn’t like his drink, and he went out of his way to be friendly and make the drink right and to use top shelf liquor for a schlep like me. I have that effect on people.

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