So I went to the bar saying that I was only going to have 2 beers and 2 mind erasers. By 10pm I think I exceeded that. Mad River hired one of the prettiest girls I’ve ever laid eyes on and I made it a point to only order from her. She didn’t know what a mind eraser was but at least she was attentive when someone needed something. I had to say to the one other girl “do you see me standing here?” and even that didn’t get it done. I’ve become a mind eraser snob and if they don’t pour the drink right I’m just not happy. I really want to see 3 layers to my mind eraser and if it’s all mixed up, I feel as if they should redo it. Towards the end of the night I thought that J-Smashed was pretty hammered but the guy can recover on a moments notice. He went from swaying around to making some moves on some female in a about 2 seconds. The band was pretty good and even though I didn’t make any worthwhile moves, it was still a decent night.

I also signed up at and started watching some videos from Phil Galfond. I deposited on Stars again too so I’ll be putting some time towards poker to try to eke out a profit to pay for my now expensive mouth. I won’t bore with poker details though. The 10k is on Sunday and I plan on not doing anything this weekend. Like literally staying inside my room and not getting myself into any trouble. I’ll probably play poker and read my book which is probably a nice change of pace from what I’m used to doing. I’ll even feel good come Monday. This will also mean some weekend posts so stay tuned.