I really think I could write 10x better posts after weekends if I could remember everything in it’s entirety. What tends to happen though is after midnight everything happens in bits and pieces and that’s if I can remember it at all. However aside from what I would consider a very very fun weekend I am epic failing in a category. To quote J-Kash, “it’s all about conversions”.

On Friday after work I bought a case of Guinness, some Jameson and some Baileys and was preparing for a carbomb weekend. I got home from work fairly early and had to go to sleep because I was exhausted from being out till 2 the night before. So I slept till 7 and when I woke I was ready to start drinking. I drank about 8 car bombs and a couple of beers when we played quarters and we went to Mad River to watch Mr. Greengenes. I’ve wrote it before but getting wasted and then watching a really good band in the Mad River atmosphere is becoming one of my favorite past times. I honestly can’t remember everything that happened. I remember talking to a girl and things were going fine and then somethings happened where I lost touch and I had no ability at all to recognize her again. There are just too many people. (more…)

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We lost our bball game and that was pretty much the last chance we had at winning a game. It came down to overtime which was iffy to begin with. Bake had a heave from a little inside mid court that hit the rim and gingerly fell into my hands and I threw it up with no one around. Problem was there were 3 seconds on the clock to begin the play so what happened was the time keeper was probably snoozing. It didn’t matter as we got rolled in overtime. We can just look at this as a rebuilding year. Problem is we are all getting older and slower and the skills are decaying. Oh well. (more…)

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