I really think I could write 10x better posts after weekends if I could remember everything in it’s entirety. What tends to happen though is after midnight everything happens in bits and pieces and that’s if I can remember it at all. However aside from what I would consider a very very fun weekend I am epic failing in a category. To quote J-Kash, “it’s all about conversions”.

On Friday after work I bought a case of Guinness, some Jameson and some Baileys and was preparing for a carbomb weekend. I got home from work fairly early and had to go to sleep because I was exhausted from being out till 2 the night before. So I slept till 7 and when I woke I was ready to start drinking. I drank about 8 car bombs and a couple of beers when we played quarters and we went to Mad River to watch Mr. Greengenes. I’ve wrote it before but getting wasted and then watching a really good band in the Mad River atmosphere is becoming one of my favorite past times. I honestly can’t remember everything that happened. I remember talking to a girl and things were going fine and then somethings happened where I lost touch and I had no ability at all to recognize her again. There are just too many people.

So I got home fine and Saturday was a pretty standard, I’m not feeling great but I’m certainly going to get drunk. I drank 6 14.9oz Guinness and played some quarters and did a couple of car bombs and then headed to an open bar at the Bayou because we won the softball league. I was a bit buzzed going there and there I just started ordering rum and coke after rum and coke. I was actually working pretty decent game but once again the conversions just weren’t in sight. I also think it’s funny because I’ve met the people there many many times before and it’s hilarious because I ask them the same questions each time I see them. These girls must be like, “wow does this guy have amnesia because he is such a tard.” But I work through those situations all right because I actually have good intentions when I talk to people. I try to listen, try to ask good questions, but there are some people who I never see any other time then on the weekends when I’m trying to get smashed and the chance of success to remember these mundane details (it’s not a mundane detail Michael) is slim.

So obviously after the open bar ended I went to Mad River. At this point things get a little blurry. I was pretty bombed and I was working my way around the various pockets of girls. My approach to dancing with girls isn’t the greatest but it’s the numbers game, if you try enough eventually you’ll get one. So, and I hardly even remember, but I was grinding pretty hardcore with this one girl at one point and you’d think if I had any game at all I could have worked a number or at least a name. Lack of conversions. An idea was created to have a bunch of different colored sharpies in my pocket and have the girls write their numbers on my body. Each color marker would have an indicator about the type of girl. I think it would be an entertaining experiment. Problem is, what difference does this system make if you aren’t getting the numbers to begin with. My thought on lack of conversions, lies within the level of drunkness. However, if I don’t get that drunk, I’m not grinding up any girl that will let me. It’s another one of those tricky situations. So that’s the weekend in an nutshell. I feel if I could offer pictures it would make this blog more entertaining but I don’t really like carrying around a camera. Another weekend come and go. I sustained no injuries and stayed out of trouble so i guess it was a success.