I probably moved the least possible space in a 24 hour period yesterday. In pathetic fashion, I managed to wake up at 2:30pm, fall back asleep an hour later, and then sleep until around 5. I ate some Chinese food which was my lone activity for the day and sat in bed watching TV. During this process I was able to stand CK4 up for Nikkii’s marathon which proved irresponsible and unfriend like. I won’t make excuses because they are for pussies but I made a judgement of error when I decided to go out after JKash’s house warming party. This took me to the next level and turned me into a waste of life.

Considering I didn’t go out on Friday night, I was quite surprised I felt so lousy after one day of drinking. I know I didn’t properly eat dinner on Saturday which is what lead to this display of slothfulness. Previous to the party though, we had a football playoff game which was a well played game by our team. Bake was his normal, dominant self and the team dominated the second half for an easy victory. JKash had our first 2 TD’s which I’m sure he likes me to mention. After the game I was feeling great but alas, my end night proved to be overwhelming. So now here I am on a Monday wondering where I went wrong and waiting for the time to pass until I feel better only to repeat the process. Sick life.