I’ve got a lot of good posts in the works but last night derailed everything pretty good. I met up with the Wevs and the Wads at Las Vegas Lounge where I had a decent chicken parm sandwich. I want to note that Evan said my shirt looked like something he would clean his car with. He was correct. At the lounge, the bartender was somewhat hostile and we decided to leave and hit Old City. We had a most bizarre experience at Rotten Ralph’s where we had this waitress who was probably 40 and straight up on another planet. She seemed incredibly ditzy but she did part by giving us free kamikaze shots so I wasn’t complaining. A swift trip at Khyber brought us to Plough which was where things took a turn. The idea of Sugarhouse came up and we all pretty much said, “why not.”

We roll up at around 11 looking to play some Pai Gow. The format has changed and instead of paying commission, the table draws if the dealer has Q high. I didn’t understand this initially and it felt incredibly shady. I can’t explain why but as we initially sat down it seemed like the game was rigged. Evan lost the first 5 hands in a row but we manned up and waited until the deck turned which it eventually did. Pai Gow is a funny game because only Asians play it and here was no different. We witnessed a straight flush by a random guy, 4 of kind by Shee, and I had a royal flush that I didn’t play the bonus. I ended up winning about a buck 20 but with a 36 dollar parking ticket I got and 80 or so spent dollars on the night, it was about a wash. Fun times though.