The above room would be my nightmare. Imagine 6 people getting together sitting in a room like this and talking. No TV. No music. No pet distraction. Just the sound of silence. You sit and you wait for someone to say something. You are forced to converse. You are forced to sit and listen. The idea behind this type of “discussion” is the worst I can think of and I’m happy to explain why.

First point to make is that any kind of music easily makes a better situation. It can be soft in the background and I don’t care if it’s 2 Chainz, it improves the sound of silence. Removing the silence takes the edge off the of the situation mentioned above. When everything is quiet, if no one says anything for 5 seconds, it’s incredibly noticeable. This makes everyone start churning in their heads for topics of conversation. It shouldn’t be like this. Conversation can’t be forced. It should be an ebb and flow if everything is working properly. One topic should lead to the next and if it’s a good group of people who understand how to listen to one another and ask intelligent follow up questions, this is what should we should strive for in conversation. I don’t like feeling on the spot when I’m talking especially in a recreation setting.

It’s not that I can’t sit in a room with other people and talk but it’s not how I’m made up. My brain starts telling me that this is weird. What am I doing here? Run, run fast. If I’m in a room with another person and there is nothing to do but talk, it would be with a psychiatrist. If music or TV is apparent, I have no problem. I’m much more comfortable in a bar setting meeting people than I would be in the room above. I’m not sure if everyone else feels this way. I get the feeling that other people don’t mind sitting and doing what I would consider nothing. Anyone else feel the same way I do?