Twitter Search Automatically Down Late
Twitter Feed Search
I can’t tell you how many times I’ve clicked on the search option instead of the person I want to see. It’s broken because the people come up quickly and the search choices come up a moment later. This causes you to click on the search choice instead of the person. I want to fire a Twitter employee every time this happens to me. Aggravating would be an understatement.

Resealable Bags Pulling Away From Their Side
This has to happen to other people. Resealable bags that get stored in the fridge or freezer usually have a zip lock feature on both sides. This is a fantastic idea except it contains a major flaw, the one side of the zip always gets stuck to the other and then pulls away from its “fixed” position. This causes the problem where you can’t seal the bag anymore and thus your food isn’t fresh. I also had an issue where I bought a block of cheese from Sam’s club that didn’t have individually wrapped pieces. Once the block gets opened, you have to have a bag to store the cheese in another bag so it doesn’t go bad. Who buys blocks of cheese not individually wrapped?

Vine and Instagram
Vine vs Instagram

The Vine app on my Galaxy 3 is awful and Instagram is equally bad. I don’t subscribe to people on Vine because I don’t think the videos are that funny, so when I do enter the app, I want to see the best Vines. When I click on humor and then popular, expecting to see their best videos, I’m bombarded by people trying way to hard to create poor videos. In no way am I saying that there isn’t great content on Vine, it just isn’t sorted properly. Plus if your job is making videos for Vine, there are better things in life.

Instagram is also shitty. If I had a nickel every time I tried to click on a McKayla Maroney instagram pic that didn’t load properly, I’d have about 50 nickels. Its gotten to the point that if I see something as an Instagram link, I don’t even bother. Plus when I tried to view the people who were following me on their website, I was unable to locate how to do it and even on the app was difficult to get this information. I thought it would be cool to have live uploads from Instagram appear on my site but alas, it wasn’t.