I feel the need to recap the past week without getting into too much depth starting with last Tuesday.

Jeff and I flew to Atlanta for a Roofing Show and ended up seeing the Aquarium and the Coca Cola factory. The Aquarium cost 34 bucks and that included the dolphin show. The dolphin moves are fairly limited so after some swimming, jumping and flipping, it gets old fast. They had this wild show with a storyline of the an evil species attacking a pirate ship and it made little sense. I tweeted and instagrammed some pictures so I won’t reiterate (you probably can see them on the feed). The Coke factory was 16 bucks and wasn’t that interesting. It felt like a brainwashing because they tried to make you feel so good about yourself and to live healthy when most of their products are the opposite. We did some roofing oriented activities as well but I won’t bore you.
TI Atl

On Thursday I returned and watched the Browns game with Evan. I had some loot on the Browns and won in the 4th. On Friday I woke up early to eat breakfast with CK4 and the groomsmen at Perkins. I had the eggs Benedict. After, we went to Shaving Grace in Doylestown for the closest shave I’ve ever had. They had a nice setup where you could play some darts, drink beer, and shoot the shit while each shave took place. Having a dude stare at your face for 30 minutes was sort of creepy but doable for a special occasion. This was preparation for the wedding of CK4 and Nikkii that took place on the Spirit of Philadelphia which is a boat on the Delaware for events. The tux process and picture taking was standard and then boarding the ship is where things got interesting. The “captain” conducted the ceremony which was drowned out at times by a speed boat. Nevertheless, Chad and Nikkii said their vows and the wedding went off with a hitch. Ck4 wouldn’t have been pleased if I didn’t use that. A few memorable moments were the Sam and Evan dance off that ended in a kiss, some belligerent bro who wanted to punch me which also ended in a kiss, and Nikkii and Chad sealing the deal with a kiss. I had one too many Long Islands which I want to say was probably a bit strong “signature drink”. I do remember having a great time on the dance floor severely liquored up.


After the wedding took place the boat docked and things got pretty hazy for me. I walked myself about a half mile away to Club Risque where I decided was a good place to go. I must have looked hilarious in my Tuxedo and the strippers must have thought I was loaded because I probably got lap dances from 5 different girls. Sorry Men’s Warehouse. I always wake up feeling guilty about the process and the money but at the time it’s amazingly entertaining.

Even odder than showing up in a Tuxedo to Club Risque was that I awoke Saturday morning in my new home after purchasing a hotel room at the Hyatt right next to the wedding. Sorry TC bank account. After I walked back to the hotel, I returned the Tux to Men’s Warehouse. I had to go back to sleep for a while to rest up before I went to the Field house┬áto watch the Miami football game with Rock and his dad at 3:30. We parted ways after the game and I met up with Evan and the Shee for some pregame. I was still in rough shape from the last night and kept at it Saturday. We decided to head to brand new opening of Howl at the Moon which was a dueling piano bar. Drinks are typically priced and the live entertainment is top notch as the multitude of musicians never took breaks performing. I cabbed it home late night to conclude Saturday.


Sunday I felt like water trash but had to watch football with the Shee because that’s what we do. This Sunday was easily my worst football day with losses in Bovada, the ESPN Pickem, Fanduel, and Fantasy. My fantasy prowess is looking questionable as I’m rolling 1-4, 2-3, and 3-2 x 2 in my 4 leagues. I was noticeably distraught on Sunday night and the air co in my house wasn’t working. This freaked me out because it’s a new unit and if new shit was breaking before I’ve been there 2 weeks, I was going to be in significant turmoil. Not knowing what happened I started checking fuses and couldn’t figure it out and ended up cutting power to the entire house. After solving this, it turned out a simple switch was flipped and that was what the problem was. At least I didn’t look moronic calling a repair man.

Monday I played golf with Weller for a fundraiser and it rained most of the day. My knee made it tough to golf but I still had a few good shots here and there. We finished 2 under for the scramble but this was hardly impressive. Weller won a purple golf bag in a raffle that seemed fitting.

On Monday night I put together a bureau. It took me 4 hours but was done successfully and I only almost spazzed out twice. Tuesday I purchased a new TV which should make the living room, as long as I get the setup right, awesome. I still don’t have a couch, kitchen table, or speakers so I’m not quite there but getting there. This was also the first day I worked in 6 days.

Today I bought a desk and will put it together tonight (that was written before I actually did it and probably wont). I’m way behind on TV viewing and have finally gotten caught up to speed in work. My knee is still bothering me but I will join a gym and start working out again. I hope to be able to start playing sports in a week or two. It’s been terrible not being active so I’m looking forward to getting my life together again. I’ve been spending money like a mofo but I know this too will pass.

That’s it for now. Normal entries will start soon.